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Wrong Van Gaal reacted when Pedro Eventually Join Chelsea?

Lobbed Arsenal Liverpool in the Premier League 2015-2016, at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning EDT, Arsene Wenger began waging a war of nerves. According to Wenger, Liverpool do not deserve victory because the scoring AFC Bournemouth cons they create smells of offside.

The Reds won 1-0 over thin Bournemouth at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (17/8/2015)early morning GMT. At those games, Christian Benteke scored the only goal for Liverpool on 26 minutes.

However, if seen from the re-recording, before Benteke scored, Philippe Coutinho has first been in offside position. Though not on the ball, Coutinho looks active whenBrazil midfielder was offside positions already.

Related the incident, Wenger says it should beripikir first referee and no rush in validating goals scored by Benteke.

Wrong Van Gaal reacted when Pedro Eventually Join Chelsea?

"If someone is in the position of offside and active, then it should be considered as a violation of offside," said Wenger as quoted from the official Arsenal.

"We are watching their game Monday night, so it was very shocking. In that case there is clearly evidence a video that can help make decisions correctly. You should see the back of regulation goals because it's very important, "said Arsene Wenger shut down talks.

After a successful get Pedro Rodriguez Barcelona, Chelsea is now rumored to preparing huge funds to bring in two new players again, namely Paul Pogba and John Stones.

The hosts team Jose Mourinho it would offer funds of 60 million pounds ($ 1.3 trillion) plus Juan Cuadrado to Juventus for Pogba to take off. Whereas for the sake of getting the Stones, The Blues again lifted his third bid, i.e. by 40 million pounds ($ 875billion).

This step was taken, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich as quickly over a bad start living The Blues in the first two weeks of the League of United Kingdom.

Wrong Van Gaal reacted when Pedro Eventually Join Chelsea?

After losing 0-1 of Arsenal in the Community Shield match, Chelsea only able to draw 2-2 against Swansea City in the inaugural Premier League weekend. Then in the advanced game, John Terry dkk must hold embarrassed Manchester City Manchester United 0-3.

Chelsea is calm indeed in previous bourses transfers this summer. Before bringing in Pedro, the London team Blue just bring two new penggawa i.e. Radamel Falcao Begovic and Asmar.

Chelsea success ' cornering ' Manchester United in the hunt for Pedro Rodriguez. The former Barcelona player was finally officially became penggawa The Blues on Thursday (20/8/2015).

Pedro purchased Chelsea for 30 million euros or around Rp 466 billion, with an estimated duration of the contract is three years.

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For you, the news is surely so blow away. How not, in recent weeks, Pedro was oftenrumored soon docked to the MU. Even some media mentions if the player has already agreed terms to join The Red Devils.

The Manager, Louis van Gaal reacted, so most highlighted name for failing to land Pedro to Old Trafford. Coaching style van with free hard touted the reason Pedro reluctant docked to the MU.

Still not lost from memory how to treat rough van Gaal reacted against the goalkeeper Victor Valdes some time ago. Origin of man Netherlands decided to ' throw ' locker to locker room Valdes players under 21 MU, inasmuch as the player considereddisobedience.

Valdes was not the only victim of van Gaal reacted. Before their former striker, Robin van Persie, has also revealed a unek-uneknya over the attitude of the Manager.

The former Arsenal captain was admitted at all not dipedulikan by van Gaal reacted.Van Persie finally chose to leave from MU and joined Fenerbahce.

Wrong Van Gaal reacted when Pedro Eventually Join Chelsea?

Now, along with the failure of the MU recruited Pedro, Louis van Gaal reacted rumored would soon finalize transfer Sadio Mane from Southampton.

Chelsea has just announced their success getting Barcelona winger Pedro Rodriguez. The success of crime squads Jose Mourinho get Pedro at once prove if they are indeed experts in the matter of the seized players target the rivals. The Blues champions menelikung.

All stock transfer opened summer, Pedro indeed santer preached will be migrated to Manchester United. In fact, some media mentions if the player has already agreedterms to join the Club of the United Kingdom.

However, at the end-seconds seconds, the Club belonged to Roman Abramovich this successful cornering MU and won the hunt for value transfer Pedro of 30 million euros.

Related to that, attempted to summarize the success of Chelsea captured a player who is perhaps the rivals:

1. Willian to Tottenham Hotspur
In August 2013 menelikung Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea in the hunt for Willian. At that time, Willian who plays for Anzhi Makhachkala prefer joining The Blues than TheLilywhites.