Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

Ozil Already Know How To Defeat Liverpool

Midfielder Mesut Ozil Arsenal, already knew how to beat Liverpool when the two teams meet in the Premier League continued 2015-2016 at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (24/8/2015) early morning GMT. He called the concentration and consistency will be the key in the game later.

The berpaspor Germany players assess The Gunners will do the same when they areable to beat Liverpool with a decisive 4-1 at the Emirates Stadium last season. "We are playing at home and we know for sure how to beat Liverpool. That's what we will do on a Monday night, "said Ozil as quoted from the official Arsenal.

"I remember when we showed good appearances last season. In the first half we were able to Excel because playing with high concentration levels and exploit our potential. We'll be back doing it on the match, "explained later Ozil.

In the last three meetings with Liverpool, Arsenal looked very superior. They managed to grab two WINS and one draw cons The Reds in the Premier League.

Ozil Already Know How To Defeat Liverpool

"Our concentration levels were high. The Manager gave the strategy on the groundand we are going to executed perfectly. We must believe in ourselves because we are aware of have the potential to beat any team. We will show it on Monday night, "Ozil ended.

Barcelona striker, Neymar reportedly is The Guardian open opportunities join the Club League giant Manchester United, United Kingdom.

But the realization of a 23-year-old player move it to Old Trafford is likely not going to happen this season, but on stock transfer next summer.

As is known, the Manchester United CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Ed Woodward, has made serious steps to hook his side. In recent months, Ed was already in the city of Barcelonato approach, both to the players and management of the Blaugrana.

Neymar is indeed still has three years left on his contract. While at Barca, he was a mainstay of the successful team players offer Champions League, La Liga and Copadel Rey last season.

Even though it has become important for Barca penggawa, not unlikely MU would get His. Origin of man that Brazil claims to be interested and pleased with United's successful history, he wants a chance to sample the atmosphere of a League of United Kingdom.

The troops of Louis van Gaal reacted indeed searching for strikers who are hungry for goals. Currently, they have only three players who bernaluri as a striker, that is James Wilson, Javier Hernandez, and Wayne Rooney.

Ozil Already Know How To Defeat Liverpool

The third Premier League weekend 2015-2016 is already rolling out nine games. Onthis weekend as Chelsea and Manchester City with equally successful victory.

Chelsea won 3-2 over West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns Stadium, Sunday (23/8/2015). The third Chelsea goal scored by Pedro Rodriguez (20 '), Diego Costa (30') and Cesar Azpilicueta (42 '). While the goal of the West Bromine printed by James Morrison (35 ' and 59 ').

In the other match, Manchester City a 2-0 victory over Everton at Goodisoon Park Stadium, Sunday (23/8/2015). The goal of the Citizens by Aleksander Kolarov and Samir Nasri.

The victory earned City over Everton made them entrenched in first stage standingswith nine points. While Chelsea silence West Bromine was in ninth position with the number four.

The third weekend Premier League still has one match between Arsenal vs Liverpoolat the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning GMT.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, criticized the BELI LIKE INSTAGRAM decision of the referee correctly Aaron Ramsey to play goal for Liverpool at the 8th minute. Wenger is convinced the legitimate goal Ramsey and not offside.

Facing Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning EDT, Arsenal got the pressure in the early minutes. In fact, The Reds narrowly winning the 3rd minute. Lucky kick right foot Philippe Coutinho still hit the crossbar.

Go in the 8th minute, Aaron Ramsey successfully placed the ball into the Liverpool goal. Alas, the goal umpire were annulled because judge Ramsey the player is offsideposition when receiving feedback from Santi Cazorla. Whereas, from the replay looks if the football Wales penggawa is in position the onside.

After that, both teams more and increase the tempo of attacks. Liverpool gained a golden opportunity passed away Christian Benteke at 39 minutes. While Arsenal barely scored through Olivier Giroud 70th minute. But until the game ended, score 0-draw.

"We scored as usual but the umpire were annulled. I don't believe I can do something about it. In the end, the referee correctly the goal is common. Like it or don't like it, it is a fact, "said Wenger.