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If Defeat Arsenal, Liverpool can return to the Big Four

The Manchester United Defender, Luke Shaw, promising his club will be performingattack and scored a lot of goals. It was diutarakannya after various parties judging barren Red Devils in some matches.

In three early matches in the Premier League of YOURS was only able to scored two goals while winning 1-0 cons Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa. Let alone on a counter Newcastle United, match Saturday (22/8/2015) night EST, visible squads orphanage Louis van Gaal reacted was unable to score a goal despite dominating the verycourse of the match.

At those games, regardless of the scintillating action, Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul, the front row players MU like Wayne Rooney, Memphis Depay, Adnan Januzaj to Javier "Chicharito ' Hernandez was unable to provide a goal for the Red Devils. Related to that, numerous parties assess front-line MU blunt this season.

If Defeat Arsenal, Liverpool can return to the Big Four

"We controlled the match at each corner of the field and it was very good. We'll be back and try to win the game. Good for us when we think have lost two points. This result is very important because we think there are other matches and worked hardto try to achieve the victory, "said Shaw was quoted as saying the Sport Mole.

"I am sure we will start scoring soon. We have so much quality in the future and it's only a matter of time before someone scored a goal and bring us back to fly high, "pungkas Shaw.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger admits war of nerves spreading entertain Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning GMT. According to the Arsenal, Liverpool are now very missed figure Raheem Sterling.

Contributions given Sterling while still in uniform are indeed Liverpool could not beconsidered one eye. Trio together with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge makes Liverpool almost grabbed the title of Premier League 2013-2014 if not lost 1-2 against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The departure of Sterling into the City with a 49 million pound sterling reached mahar or approximately USD 1 trillion also presents some drama. Because, before signed with Sterling had rejected a contract extension from Liverpool. The 20-year old youth also had refused to follow training sessions together with The Reds. This is Liverpool fans who made the report and give a mockery to Sterling.

If Defeat Arsenal, Liverpool can return to the Big Four

Look at this condition, Wenger has personal opinions matter transfer saga Sterlingwhich had dragged on throughout the stock transfer.

"I personally judge Sterling as an asset in the long run. I also judge Sterling did not make many plays. It's just pure always happens on the stock transfer, "said Wengerof the Mirror was quoted as saying.

"Throughout the season, the boy was always silent. He also never make stupid statements. I think he didn't make too many distractions. But, remembertwo years ago together with Suarez and Sturridge they scored 100 goals. Be scored up to 100 in the Premier League, you have to have special qualities and Sterling is part of it, "explained Wenger.

Further, Wenger also commented on the purchase of Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim for 29 million pounds (about us $606 billion).

"They buy Firmino. He's a quality player. We will see together what she could give.He's the same player with Sterling, "Wenger ended.

The young Liverpool star, Jordon Ibe considers important match cons Arsenal in the Premier League continued 2015-2016 at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (24/8/2015) early morning GMT. According to him, the nickname of the Big Four at stake in this match.

The Big Four is a nickname for the usual four teams filling the position of the big four in the Premier League standings. They are the Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea.

If Defeat Arsenal, Liverpool can return to the Big Four

However, the rise of Manchester City in the last few seasons JUAL LIKE INSTAGRAM made the dominance of the Big Four in the Premier League being broken. Now the team is usually the fourth occupant of the four big Board standings should be willing to share with other clubs due to the consistent performance of the City ended the Premier League at thetop.

Last season Liverpool, for examplemust be willing to end the competition in sixth under Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Man United and Tottenham Hotspur. They should be memupus the dream play in the Champions League this season.

It's all related, Ibe stressing to his teammate to perform all-out counterinsurgency The Gunners. Braga defeated Arsenal they could again fall into a row of big four this season.

"Playing the top-four teams face enough to become the test for us. We wish we could be in the position it towards the end of the season. Has always been extraordinary things clash between Arsenal and Liverpool. So it will be a good game and hopefully we can perform a hit, "said Ibe as quoted official Liverpool.