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Premier League Stated Goal Offside Benteke

Premier League finally lift the speaking controversy happened on goals by ChristianBenteke when Liverpool won 1-0 over AFC Bournemouth, at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (17/8/2015) early morning GMT. Premier League to explain the new rules that they apply to the question of offside stated goals Benteke is invalid.

Benteke goals against Bournemouth sparked controversy after Philippe Coutinho offside position in Active though not visible on the ball, before Benteke successfully scored in the 26th minute.

Before the 2015-2016 is rolling, the Premier League has made new regulations a matter of offside. In that regulation, the player is considered offside when already stands behind the opponent and then active player to chase the ball to make an effect to opposing players, if the other players who are in the position to score goals thenonside was deemed invalid.

Premier League Stated Goal Offside Benteke

Then, a player is not considered offside when a player standing behind the opponent Defender looks active pursuit of the sphere but does not give effect to opposing players. If in this position, other players who are not on the offside position to score, then the goal is considered valid.

Manchester City into the headquarters of Everton in the third Premier League 2015-2016, Sunday (23/8/2015). Competed at Goodison Park, The Toffess could still gamemeladeni City and holding the score to 0-after the first half.

Despite playing as a guest, the City could not hesitate directly presses the opponent's defense. However, Manuel Pellegrini's team squads attacks almost always ran aground before penetrating the opponent's penalty area. A golden opportunity to finally found The Citizens a match running 10 minutes.

Raheem Sterling who managed to deceive Everton back line sent the ball into the middle of the opponent's penalty area from the right wing. Sergio Aguero who received the ball, releasing Spurn the first time. Dear Tim Howard still sprightly drove the ball with his feet.

Premier League Stated Goal Offside Benteke

Open Game occurred in the middle of the first half. In the 19th minute, kick volley toned Ross Barkley from the distance 27 meters successfully detained by Joe Hart. Beautiful game opener Aguero-Sterling-Navas opened opportunities for Aleksandar Kolarov. It's a shame the defender could not meet the target.

The real threat from The Toffees appear in the 23rd minute. The bait breakthroughBarkley accepted Romelu refusing to afford. The Belgium striker ever complete their execution well. However, the golnya were annulled because he was caught being in the position of off-side.

Pressure from the hosts appeared bemused by the end of the first half. On 42 minutes, the solo run forcing the opposing Defender Barkley break them off in front of the penalty and make the referee gave him a free kick. Own hands down be the executor, Barkley release Spurn that still soared.

In the 45 + 3 bek City back drop the players Everton up to result in the referee gavea free-kick. Refusing to be the executor has still not met the target.

Until the end of the first half whistle, no touchdown. Up to down position is still 0-series for both teams.

Magical Pedro Rodriguez directly provide a positive impact for Chelsea. The Blues victory Prime after bend West Bromwich Albion with a score of 3-2.

Chelsea closed the first round with a 3-1 advantage. Pedro Rodriguez opened the advantage in the 20th minute. Diego Costa menggandakannya in the 30th minute. Cesar Azipilicueta enlarge the superiority of Chelsea being 3-1 in 42 minutes. WBA printed reply goal James Morrison in 35 minutes.

Premier League Stated Goal Offside Benteke

Chelsea had to play with ten men after John Terry's red card at minute 54. Morrisonscored at minute 59.

This victory takes Chelsea climbed to ninth position of the standings while United Kingdom Premier League with four points. WBA inhabit a protruding position with one savings numbers.

The Blues lead a third match in the Premier League season United Kingdom 2015-2016 with a trip to West Bromwich Albion, The Hawthorns Stadium, Saturday (28/8/2015). The Blues are only able to grab the one draw and lost in the previous two games.

The coach of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, instantly Auto like instagram lose Pedro Rodriguez, the player who has just come from Barcelona, since minutes earlier. He plotted right-wing position.

Meanwhile, host West Bromwich Albion turin with the 4-5-1 in the match. Jose Rondon is plotted as a line of attack on a bomber solo, accompanied by Darren Fletcherin the position of midfielder.

WBA get penalties a match was 14 minutes. The penalty was awarded after refereeNemanja Matic dropping Callum McManaman.

James Morrison who ran as the executioner failed to do their job properly. Sliced towards the middle of the net are able to put on hold by using the foot by goalkeeperThiabut Courtois.