Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Scholes: Ibrahimovic could be the solution to Manchester United

Memphis Depay claimed to take a lesson from much of the figure of the captain ofManchester United, Wayne Rooney. Even Depay not hesitate asking for tips to Rooney how to print a lot of goals.

Rooney was one of the attackers who once owned tersubur. Recorded for the 29-year-old player capable of creating goals in 170 343 matches alongside the RedDevils.

It is the underlying Depay wants to follow in the footsteps of Champions in scoringa lot of goals.

"Wayne Rooney has helped me a lot. He has a lot of experience. He knows everything a football matter in the world. So if I have a question I can ask Rooney, "said Depay was quoted as saying official MU.

MU has wreaked Depay due to the performance of gemilangnya along with PSV Eindhoven all season 2014-2015. Depay dropping off PSV's League title and the Netherlands became the top score with lesakkan 22 goals.

Scholes: Ibrahimovic could be the solution to Manchester United

Together with MU new Depay this season, recording two goals from four matches which have traveled to.

Pedro Rodriguez reveals her feelings could join Chelsea in this season. He claimed to had felt strange wearing a jersey of the Club other than FC Barcelona.

Pedro has just recorded its debut alongside The Blues when membungkan West Bromwich Albion with a final score of 3-2 at the Stadium The Hawthorns, Sunday(23/8/2015). At those games, Pedro appeared resplendent with scored one goal at the 20th minute, and one assist.

"Initially very odd wear uniforms that are not the property of Barcelona. But I am glad I was able to get a new challenge, "said Pedro Sport Mole was quoted as saying.

Pedro also reveal reasons leave from Barcelona who are already seven dibelanya season. Its founders came to La Masia original player that mentions the lack of minutes of play as well as the difficulty of penetrating the main Barcelona squad being the main reason.

"I see very difficult to continue his career in Barcelona and we finally see a way out. It's not about money, it's a matter of getting the opportunity to play with consistent.I am sad to leave Barca but this is a great opportunity, "said Pedro.

Scholes: Ibrahimovic could be the solution to Manchester United

Official Chelsea get the signature Pedro with mahar reached 30 million euros or around Rp 466 billion, Thursday (20/8/2015) local time.

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes, assess the need to bring the Club's formerstriker Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Zlatan Ibrahimovic on stock transfer summer2015.

It is related to the record entering MU in three matches the start of the Premier League this season, beating Tottenham Hotspur (won 1-0), Aston Villa (a 1-0 win) andNewcastle United (0-0). Goals to Spurs is the own goal Kyle Walker (22 '), while goals against Villa created Adnan Januzay, which in fact is not the attacker.

In a match against Newcastle, according to the Premier League, MU release eight of11 shot attempts. As many as three out of eight shots titis it was released by attackers Wayne Rooney (twice) and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez (1), while five other accurate shots released by Juan Mata, Memphis Depay, and Luke Shaw.

MU had no striker besides Rooney and Hernandez and, according to Scholes, Rooney and Hernandez's performance in that game shows that MU needs to recruit a striker of quality. According to Scholes, Ibrahimovic entered the category of players who could be the solution for you.

Scholes: Ibrahimovic could be the solution to Manchester United

"In my opinion, the striker is a priority target because it seems this team cannot print quite a lot of goals today," said Scholes.

"With Radamel Falcao goings and Robin van Persie, MU lost two top attackers. You wonder TAMBAH LIKE INSTAGRAM if they could get a chance get one season for Ibrahimovic? Maybe (Ibrahimovic) could do something like that once carried out Robin van Persie, "adds Scholes.

Van Persie brought MU of Arsenal in August 2012, and moved to Feberbahce in July2015. In the first season at MU, Van Persie scored 26 goals and eight assists in 38 appearances, with three of them as a substitute. MUmenjuarai Premier League that season with a record of 89 and enter the value-entry of 86-43 goals.

Last season, Van Persie scored two goals and ten assists in 27 appearances in the Premier League, with two of them as a substitute.

For Falcao, he played for MU season 2014-2015, with the status of the loan from AS Monaco. Last season, Van Persie scored two goals and ten assists in 27 appearances in the Premier League, with two of them as a substitute.