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Adam Lallana: we Indeed Always Win thin, but ...

Adam Lallana says reasonable if until the second weekend Premier League club Aston Villa, Liverpoolstill thin victory only. According to him, it was important for the results without the initial competition and it promises to be a fight for the sake of the end result this season.

Liverpool only scored two goals in two games, i.e. each of the 1-0 victory of the kalaface Stoke City and Bournemouth. Cash, critics reserved fighting spirit children foster Brendan Rodgers this popping up. However, Lallana casually responded.

"Sometimes you have to just win the game by a score of 1-0 and this is very important for us," said midfielder 27 that year as quoted from the Daily Mail.

"People ask about our mentality and fighting spirit last week at Stoke. Well, we haveto show it there and we bring it also into the game cons Bournemouth, "added Lallana.

Adam Lallana: we Indeed Always Win thin, but ...

However, the player who was recruited from Saouthampton in 2014 it take positivepoints that Liverpool still the goal conceded at the start of this season.

"We are digging and got the three points with a clean sheet and we will fight for this year's results. We know there is room for improvement and we are working hard in training to achieve it, "said 27 players this year.

Liverpool will face with Arsenal in the third week of the Premier League on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning GMT.

Although the win in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League play-off consClub Brugge, Louis Van Gaal reacted reluctantly said it would easily win the second encounter at home to next week's opponent.

Van Gaal reacted have enough capital if he wants to face the second leg boasted would take place in the stadium Jan Brey, Belgium, Wednesday (27/8/2015). Because,while playing at Old Trafford last Wednesday, Manchester United won quite convincingly.

Adam Lallana: we Indeed Always Win thin, but ...

Kids Free successful then Van hosts three goals, two touchdowns from the MemphisDepay and the other one belongs to Marouane Howard. Although goalkeeper Sergio Romero junction breaks down once, was born from the own goal Michael Carrick, not from opposing players.

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However, Van Gaal reacted claim to be maintaining focus and said the match in the second leg of the match is difficult. "Yes it was a tough match, and it's not an easy opponent," said Van Gaal reacted as quoted from the official website of the Club.

"I have read in the newspapers that the United Kingdom is simple and an easy victory, but not like that. It will be hard for any team to come to the headquarters of Bruges. For example Panathinaikos in the previous round, they lost 0-3 in Belgium, "said the Manager of the origin of the Netherlands it.

Manchester United are indeed living another step toward the Champions League group phase in 2015-2016. With a 0-tie at home to Bruges, only United will return to European competition they miss last season.

"It's still a game, but because of the prominence of the last goal we now have moreconfidence," said the former Netherlands national team coach 64 this year.

The issue of injuries re-emerge kala Michael Carrick pulled out in the second roundmatch between Manchester United cons Club Brugge. However, United's Manager, Louis Van Gaal reacted to refute it and calling the turn of Carrick as part of their tactics.

Carrick went down as a starter in the play-off match of the Champions League whileManchester United face with Bruges, Tuesday (7/8/2015). But in the second half he was replaced by midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger, later.

Adam Lallana: we Indeed Always Win thin, but ...

"There is no injury to the Carrick, was part of the tactics but also I have to give a chance to play for Schweinsteiger," said Van Gaal reacted as quoted from the IBTimes.

Carrick has indeed never been overshadowed by injury. United Kingdom national football team quarterback gets injured calf while helping MU 4-2 victory over Manchester City in April. Due to the injury, Carrick should end the season 2014-2015.

But Van Gaal reacted ensure not this which makes it replace the 34 quarterback that year. "We need a Schweinsteiger in the team. He joined the team late so he has not been fit very well, so we wanted to give him a chance, "added Van Gaal reacted.

Sergio Romero confessed to shocked could fill the spot as the main goalkeeper ofManchester United this season. But many people who judge the arrival of Romero to Old Trafford will just be ban serep David de Gea.

Although Argentina national team goalkeeper, labelled Romero is considered to have a fixed quality under De Gea. The possibility of shifting De Gea from any place considered difficult given that Spain goalkeeper to appear stylish Red Devil together last season.

However, the fact other said after Romero has always been the premier choice of Manager, Louis van Gaal reacted in the last three games MU against Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa and Club Brugge. This certainly could not occur regardless of the transfer saga De Gea who demand Real Madrid never completed.