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Mourinho: Pedro Instead Of Getting The Victory Over MU

The success of its founders came Chelsea players hook the La Masia is quite surprising, especially for the Red Devils. Because, in recent weeks, Pedro rumored soon docked to the MU. Even some media mentions if the player has already agreed terms to join the Club of the United Kingdom.

Related to that, a lot of that success rate, Chelsea recruited Pedro as a form of a victory over MU. However, during a press conference ahead of a trip to the enclosure in the West Bromwich Albion Stadium The Hawthorns, Sunday (23/8/2015), Mourinhodenied his club had already won over.

"I just want to beat MU in the field, if possible. I even never want to think in that direction (won the hunt for Pedro). Our work here is not trying to win poaching players that other clubs want. Our job is to get players who can come in handy for the Club, "said Mourinho was quoted as saying from Sport Mole.

"Sometimes some of the players were not successful and obviously we deserved blame for it. But the stock transfer is a chance for You to be careful so that the best players do not go. Stock transfer also be an opportunity to bring in players that actually you never expect. The point is, Pedro is the player we wanted and we are happy tohave it, "Mourinho explained.

Mourinho: Pedro Instead Of Getting The Victory Over MU

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger believes the physical condition of its flagship, thestriker Alexis Sanchez, will return to his best performance when entertain Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday (25/8/2015) early morning GMT. According to Wenger, Sanchez is ready to back The Reds counter craze.

Sanchez became the last player to join the Arsenal squad in the summer of 2015-2016. This happens because Wenger deliberately gave an extra holiday to Sahchez after defending the Chile national football team in the Copa America by 2015.

Got the first action on Arsenal, which ended in a 0-2 defeat of West Ham United, Sanchez played back when The Gunners Arsene Wenger a 2-1 win over Crystal Palace in the Selhrust Park, the Stadium of the week (16/8/2015).

At those games, Sanchez became a major star of the victory over Arsenal after his header from Damien Delaney forced the rigors of doing own goal on 55 minutes. The performance shown Sanchez that is what makes Wenger fascinated.

"I think on Monday night, he was not far from 100 percent. His appearance is very surprising because he's not in physical perfection, he had the mental strength. Liverpool physical conditions will return to the best level, "said Wenger as quoted from the official Arsenal.

Mourinho: Pedro Instead Of Getting The Victory Over MU

Further, Wenger also comment a matter of rumor that mention Mesut Ozil will leavethe Emirates Stadium. France coach was denied and affirmed Ozil remains a striker at this season.

"He's a great player and also a player who has a full commitment to the Club. Currently she is also very focused help the Club achieve the best results, "said Arsene Wenger shut down talks.

Bayern Munich midfielder Thomas Muller, rate plan of Manchester United who intend to bid in the amount of 100 million euros, or approximately 1.5 trillion Rupiah to get services as it does not make sense. According to Muller, the MU looked frustrated.

MU recently lost its main prey, Pedro Rodriguez, who opted to join Chelsea after the agreed transfer worth 30 million euros on Thursday (20/8/2015) local time. Failure to get Pedro make THY fire beard hook Muller.

The Red Devils makin looks panicked when rumors of recruiting attackers Southampton, Sadio Mane, comes to the surface. Its peak, while the fantastic offer to Muller until the ears are concerned.

Mourinho: Pedro Instead Of Getting The Victory Over MU

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Alas, instead of got a positive response, Muller thus feel Red Devils only concerned with purely business rather then create a solid team.

"Basically, that price is crazy. Because they've been out of the substance of the actual football. This offer looks just solely a matter of business, "said Muller was quoted as saying of Sport1.

He attributed Muller with MU in recent months also made him the subject of them mocked some of the parties. As was the case when Muller's live action between Bavaria's testimony against Dynamo Dresden.

"In Dresden, the fans told me through a megaphone, ' Hey man 100 million Euro, jersey which makes you more comfortable? '. It definitely makes me smile, "said Thomas Muller shut down talks.