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Van Gaal Reacted: The Media Wrong, We Were Never Interested In Beckham Pedro

In addition to De Gea, the dispute between Victor Valdes and Van Gaal reacted wellto become a blessing to Romero. When asked whether he was surprised to be a goalkeeper, Romero replied, "Yes, because they are the two outstanding goalie," said Romero was quoted as saying the Daily Star.

"Valdes has won everything and De Gea has a career forward to continue winning things. So for me, it is an advantage and make happy to be working with them, "saidRomero.

Further, although rival Romero also expressed the hope to De Gea to persist in MUand forget about moving to Real Madrid.

"I do not know the matter of De Gea, but I hope he survived because he's a great teammate, always worked hard, and that's a good thing for the team. He continued topractice every day. Conditions De Gea is currently similar to me while at Sampdoria.I don't play but continued to practice in order to be ready if needed to play, "Romero explained.

"It's a difficult situation for him, but people who are professional and good will continue to practice because you never know when it will play," Romero ended.

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Van Gaal Reacted: The Media Wrong, We Were Never Interested In Beckham Pedro

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted denied media claims that his club was very interested in bringing striker Barcelona, Pedro Rodriguez.

Van Gaal reacted saying though Pedro is perfect with the style of the game, but thiswas never the Netherlands meneer think its founders came La Masia players bring itinto skuatnya. His interest in bringing in Pedro just made unilaterally by the media.

"I think when THY wants Pedro that will not create problems so we because he has a purchase clause, so it was an easy contract. You can write what you want but we never said we wanted it. I have a responsibility to the wishes of the Club, the players and I can't say more, "said Van Gaal reacted as quoted Sport Mole.

"When you ask if Pedro fits with the team? I can't lie and say Yes. But I'm not interested, it said the differences. You bring if I am interested. People should know what is written in the newspaper if it was not true, because you don't know, "explained VanGaal reacted.

Further, Van Gaal reacted also said not all the written media as a truth. "Only the players and the clubs know. Then, Barcelona trying to keep interest in players from other clubs and I also read the Barcelona does not want to let go of Pedro. So should you ask Barcelona why they finally release Pedro, "Van Gaal reacted end.

Van Gaal Reacted: The Media Wrong, We Were Never Interested In Beckham Pedro

Pedro has officially resigned from Barcelona to join Chelsea's passing gelontoran funds up to 30 million euros, or approximately USD 466 billion, Thursday (20/8/2015) local time.

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted, giving the signal will degrade Bastian Schweinsteiger as a starter cons Newcastle United at Old Trafford, Saturday (22/8/2015).

MU has already undergone two games in the Premier League 2015-2016 win 1-0 over Tottenham Hostpur and Aston Villa. They also won 3-1 away victory over Club Brugge in the first leg of the play-off round of the UEFA Champions League, Wednesday (27/8/2015) early morning GMT. Be interesting, on the third the match Schweinsteiger has always been a backup because Van Gaal reacted more pleased menduetkan Michael Carrick with Morgan Schneiderlin.

But when asked in the MUTV Aon Training Complex, reserved lower Schweinsteigeras a starter against The Magpies, Van Gaal reacted not denied it was going to do.

"Yes, of course. It's just a question of a matter of time and maybe it will happen tomorrow. You never know, I think he could be better because when you're not fit enough, then it is difficult to demonstrate your highest ability, "said Van Gaal reacted as quoted official MU.

"But I think it's just a matter of time and we have to find a solution in our second captain rotate, Michael Carrick with Schweinsteiger. It's a great solution because we could take them both for a great moment, "explained Van Gaal reacted.

Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho does not want to overstate the success of his clubget a striker of Barcelona, Pedro Rodriguez. He also disputed the assumption that some parties say the arrival of Pedro as a victory over Manchester United.

Chelsea managed to get the signature Pedro with mahar reach 30 million euros or around Rp 466 billion, Thursday (20/8/2015) local time.