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The fact that a known problem Pedro Rodriguez

Manchester City's Manager, Manuel Pellegrini, semringah after successfully bringing in Nicolas Otamendi of Valencia. According to him, the City has one of the best hook the defender in La Liga of Spain.

There are indeed some truth in Pellegrini's statement. Statistics of La Liga in seasonOtamendi 2014-2015 prove it all. This 27-year-old man down in 35 matches and scoring six goals. The question won the duel, Otamendi recorded an average of 68.89 percent per game, higher than the Real Madrid Defender Sergio Ramos, who was in the numbers 68.03 percent.

"Nicolas Otamendi is said to be the best defender in La Liga last season and I am certainly very pleased to be adding quality players in my Squad," said Pellegrini cited from official Club.

The fact that a known problem Pedro Rodriguez

"He's also consistent play for one of the best competition in the world of football. I also do not doubt the mentalitasnya squads to compete in the City. Nicolas has all the qualities to be successful in the Premier League. He is powerful and perfect in doing tekel, tekhniknya is also very nice, "imbuh Pellegrini.

Just info, City official has been to complete the transfer of the player berpaspor Argentina on Thursday (20/8/2015). However, up to now the City has not been willing to disclose how much they should pay to the stronghold of Valencia. However, according to ESPN, the Manchester squad Blue menggelontorkan funds of around 35 million pound sterling or an equivalent of Usd 759 billion.

Otamendi removals to City is indeed quite surprising. The new single season playerscompeted in La Liga earlier that santer will rivals headquarters attributed Manchester United.

Pedro Rodriguez has now officially moved to Chelsea after the game goes in Barcelona kian trousers trimmed. Chelsea officially announced has been getting the signature Pedro on Thursday (20/8/2015). To land Pedro to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea menggelontorkan Fund of 30 million euros, or approximately USD 466 billion.

What makes Chelsea insist on bringing in Pedro? What's special about this striker? Bola.com have collected various interesting facts the player from different sources.

The fact that a known problem Pedro Rodriguez

1. Pedro new entry to the world of professional football at the age of 17 years. It's certainly not reasonable due to the typically football teams will try to secure great talents before they reach the age of a dozen years.

2. Pedro had played for the Club in a small town named Club Deportivo San Isidro.Before long, co-discoverer of Barcelona are interested and memboyongnya to Barcelona C.

3. in the 2009/2010 season, Pedro became the first player capable of scoring in six different competitions in the span of one year. This record can only emulate by Lionel Messi.

4. When melakoni debuted along with the senior team on January 12, 2008, Pedro back using the number 33 with the name Pedrito. While advancing along San Isidro,Pedro was indeed known as such.

5. The beloved Pedro, Carolina, reportedly never missed watching a aksinyadi field, starting when he as in Barcelona C until on the senior team.

6. Pedro had dubbed the mascot, but not because of his performance. The nickname pinned because her height is not too bongsor to play football.

7. In 2010, Pedro was awarded by the Foundation of the Princess of Asturias. This award is given to individuals or organizations around the world that make a wide range of achievements in the fields of science, humanities, and public affair.

8. As a football player, man this is incomplete because Spain could use both feet equally well. In addition Pedro can operate as a striker and a winger on both sides.

9. Pedro has scored 15 goals in the Champions League, more than David Villa, Xavi(14), and Marco Reus.

10. most goals scored for Barcelona in La Liga since the 2012-2013: Lionel Messi (117), Neymar (31), Pedro (28), Alexis Sánchez (27)

11. Pedro was directly involved in 48 touchdowns made Barcelona (28 goals and 35assists) in the last three seasons.

12. Pedro became the 10th Spain players who defend Chelsea. Full list: Oriol Romeu, De Lucas, Del Horno, Diego Costa, 2-4, Ferrer, Juan Mata, Cesar Azpilicueta and Fernando Torres.

The fact that a known problem Pedro Rodriguez

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Chelsea dramatically managed to get a striker of Barcelona, Pedro Rodriguez with a Fund of 30 million euros. This success became more memorable because they successfully beat Manchester United who have reported santer will get the services of a player of its founders came La Masia it.

However, the success of The Blues get Pedro from Barcelona is not just solely because their bids higher than your asking for 25 million euros or around Rp 382 billion. But it was all not regardless of the plan matured Chelsea which sent agents to persuade Pedro to play at Stamford Bridge.