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Only Arsene Wenger who is not interested in Real Madrid Trainer

Louis van Gaal reacted patience finally reached the Summit when asked the question of the continued failure of the Manchester United players get incarannya, Pedro Rodriguez. I was so jengkelnya, Manager of the origin of the Netherlands that said "you're a little deaf" to the reporter who asked the question.

Louis van Gaal reacted to talk to the media ahead of the match cons Newcastle United at Old Trafford, Saturday (22/8/2015). In the interview session at the end of the press conference, meneer 64 years are asked about the failure of YOURS get the signature Pedro.

As it is known, that the Barcelona striker instead joined rivals Manchester United, Chelsea. Responding to these questions, the former coach of Barcelona's replied, "when you ask if Pedro fits with the team? I can't lie and say Yes. But I'm not saying it either. "

After a few questions later, a BBC journalist named Bill Rice back asking to questionPedro with the same question. Cash with the face reveals rage, Van Gaal reacted saying "you a little deaf" and no longer respond.

Only Arsene Wenger who is not interested in Real Madrid Trainer

Former Netherlands national team coach is apparently not pleased when asked about the reason behind the continuing cancellation of deals The Red Devils to Pedro.

But Van Gaal reacted claiming to have confidence with what is decided Red Devils CEO, Ed Woodward on the stock transfer earlier this season.

Former player agent, Marc Roger, calling Arsene Wenger as the only coach in the world to reject Real Madrid's mengarsiteki. It is much different with Jose Mourinho ever for directing Madrid in the 2010 to 2013.

The relationship between Wenger and Mourinho hardly ever harmonious. Even the competition between the two top managers of the Premiere League this tapered in a growing Community Shield some time ago, where The Gunners came out as the winner.

So far indeed Mourinho often become birth dispute between the two, one of which is when comparing the achievements of teams that ever he headed and the Club manajeri Wenger, Arsenal.

But Roger has another view of the question of the origin of that France Manager. Roger claiming to be agents of confidence Arsenal were calling Wenger rejected an offer to train Madrid, something not done by the Mou.

"Wenger to talk with two agents only; Santos Marquez and I, "said Roger was quoted as saying from the Metro.

"He is the only person in the world to reject Real Madrid's memanajeri with players like Roberto Carlos, Figo, Zidane and Beckham, in it. And he takes a lot of time to reject the offer, "he added.

Roger, who was a dealer of a number of star players such as Arsenal's Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, and Nikolas Anelka mentions the offer came from 2001 and 2003. ButWenger who has a vision of himself in coaching the Club refused a request that came from the President of Real Madrid, Juventus.

Only Arsene Wenger who is not interested in Real Madrid Trainer

"This is a dream for Perez recruited him. But Arsene, who has the mindset to coachyoung players, do not take the offer, "Frank Roger.

The rivalry between Wenger and Mourinho seems to indeed have yet to end. However, we just follow the Premier League this season and the team which came out as the best, with Arsenal Wenger? Or Chelsea with Mou?

After getting Pedro out of Barcelona, Chelsea now rumored interested hook Paul Pogba from Juventus. However, The Blues Manager Jose Mourinho, was reluctant to discuss the rumors regarding the transfer of Pogba.

The Blues have just complete the removals of Pedro. Management of Chelsea defeated Manchester United in the hunt that Spain's national penggawa. Chelsea marriedPedro of Barca with around 30 million euros ($ 473 billion).

For the sake of strengthening the team in the face of the competition this season, Chelsea continued to hunt down a number of popular players before stock transfer closed on September 1, one of them is Paul Pogba.

In fact, for the sake of Pogba could buy from Juventus, The Blues reportedly Like instagram prepared a Fund of 60 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 1.3 trillion. In addition, a plan to smooth the hook the France midfielder, Chelsea are ready to take off Juan Cuadradoto Juventus.

When the Pogba purchase of the plan confirmed, Mourinho does not want to answer it. "I can't talk about the Juventus player," Mourinho said as reported by the ItalyFootball.

"I know coach Milan, Massimiliano Allegri, speaks of the Chelsea players, Oscar andRamires all summer. But I didn't do it, "continued the Portugal Manager origin.

Chelsea start their season with a less convincing. They swallow defeat 0-1 of Arsenalin the play-off Championship FA Community Shield 2015.