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Interesting facts Post MU vs Newcastle: Rooney Remains Barren

Manchester United would have to settle for draw against Newcastle United in the third week of the Premier League this season. The failure of the MU picking victory while marking Wayne Rooney that still trouble breaking into opponent.

Entertain Newcastle at Old Trafford, Saturday (22/8/2015) night EST, the Red Devilsappeared confident. Based on statistics which recorded Whoscored, MU had 70 percent possession against the 30 percent belong to The Magpies.

Those results made the City remain the top three standings while the Premier League with a value of six. Sergio Aguero dkk. lagged one points from Leicester City and Manchester United are ranked one and two, but have undergone three games.

On the third weekend of the Premier League, Manchester City got a severe test when meets Everton Sunday (23/8/2015). Because, the headquarters of The Toffees at Goodison Park was one of the stadiums that do not create a friendly City.

Interesting facts Post MU vs Newcastle: Rooney Remains Barren

The Citizens are only able to grab three wins, five draws, results and swallow 10 defeats from 18 times the visit to Goodison Park. Ambition to grab full points also designate more difficult, because Everton Middle deep confidence high after grabbing adraw and one victory in the last two games.

But, if managed to beat Everton, Manchester City had a new record. They will achieve nine consecutive victories for the first time in the Premier League after last time happened in 1912. Currently, the City has put together eight victories in the League, six in the last season and two this season.

The following interesting fact Everton vs. Manchester City:
1. Everton recording six clean sheets from the last enclosure Moratti in Premier League

2. Manchester City just grabbed three wins from the last visit 18 to Goodison Park in the Premier League (10 lost; 5 draws).

3. As a Manager, Roberto Martinez only picked up two points from 12 matches lastcons Manchester City (2; 0 win draw lose; 10).

4. After undergoing two Premier League matches this season, Ross Barkley able to scored two goals. Nicks it made Barkley equals the number of goals he scored all last season.

Arouna Kone 5. has contributed more in touchdowns (3 goals) in his last two appearances alongside Everton rather than in the previous 17 matches (2 goals).

6. After having debuted in August 2010, David Silva being the most players had assists in the Premier League (49), and notes the chances of scoring most goals in the League (467).

Interesting facts Post MU vs Newcastle: Rooney Remains Barren

7. As the player who has performed more than 25 times in the Premier League, Sergio Aguero is a player with a goal-per-minute ratio is the best in the history of the competition. His notes are 110.5 minutes per goal, out of the total number of 79 goals in 8729 minutes.

8. Man City now has recorded eight consecutive victories in the Premier League. It was their best nicks in the League since January 2014.

9. However, Manchester City have never grabbed nine WINS in a row in the Leaguesince September 1912.

10. The Citizens have also been reaching farther than any other team since the last time a 0-draw in the Premier League, which is 53.

In addition, The Red Devils also unleashing 20 shots where eight of them leads to the goal. While Newcastle are just releasing the seven shots off the mark with no oneelse to meet the target.

Though superior in all respects, MU remained Tambah followers instagram unable to break Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul escorted. As a result, the score is the same powerful 0-0 remained until the whistle length reads the sign over the action.

One further this figure make Manchester United now in position two standings while the Premier League with a value of seven. They just lost a goal difference of Leicester City who are at the top of the standings.

The failure of the MU victory cannot be separated from the melempemnya the performance of Wayne Rooney in the front-line. Throughout the game, Rooney only doing three times the shots, where two of them were right on target.

Unable to break Newcastle's goal made United Kingdom national team striker goal famine gets longer. Based on statistics which recorded Opta, Rooney has been the fast goals during 858 minutes.

Interesting facts Post MU vs Newcastle: Rooney Remains Barren

The last time he recorded his name on the scoreboard when MU was a 3-1 win over Aston Villa on 4 April 2015. At that time, Wayne Rooney scored one goal on 79 minutes.

In addition to Rooney who still barren, a number of interesting facts also served in the Manchester United match cons Newcastle United. What is it? Check out his review below:

1. Manchester United are already five times to initiate three opening Premier League game without conceded. The last time they did it at the 2005-2006 season.

2. Manchester United notes six Spurn right on target in the first half counter Newcastle United. The nicks more than two games early Premier League this season (3 Spurn on target).