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Robben: Depay Can Bring MU To The Champion

There are four special agents given the task Chelsea to woo Pedro, their is the Manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea Director Marina Granovskaia, Cesc Fabregas and the beloved Daniella Semaan.

Curious how the chronology of special operations Chelsea? Bola.com tried to explain it:

Then, MU had rumored Mirror send a representative, Ed Woodward to Spain on Tuesday (18/8/2015) local time to complete the transfer of Pedro. However, unbeknownst to Woodward, Granovskaia do negoisasi secrets, of course with the permission ofBarcelona to the agent Pedro.

At the time of Granovskaia negotiating to get Pedro, Jose Mourinho turn running the task. The Portugal coach preached Daily Mail phoning direct Pedro personally to woo players who've given five La Liga title for FC Barcelona.

Robben: Depay Can Bring MU To The Champion

In the telephone talks as reported by the Telegraph, Mourinho calls if Pedro can improve the quality of the game Chelsea in wading through competition 2015-2016.

Mourinho's task is completed, turn the Pick is a former colleague of Pedro in Barcelona in 2011-2014 hands down. The proximity of Fabregas with Pedro exploited Chelsea. The former Arsenal captain was called Pedro personally persuade them to move to Chelsea rather than Manchester United. But what waged Fabregas plea to Pedro to date unknown.

On the other hand, special assignment Semaan Daniella seducing the wife of Pedro,Carolina Martin. Semaan and Martin is indeed famous familiar. They both shared a lover Lionel Messi, Antonella Rocuzzo often caught on camera is ' hanging out ' with. It is then utilized. Semaan make contact with Martin and persuade him to stay inLondon while giving interesting things they can get in London.

Until the end of the fourth task of special agent Chelsea were successful after on Thursday (20/8/2015) Pedro declared steadily joining Chelsea.

"I am very happy to be here. I am very excited to begin the adventure along with Chelsea and my existence here to win trophies. Thanks to the Club and the supporterswho have given me the opportunity to wear the blue jersey, "said Pedro as quotedofficial Chelsea.

Robben: Depay Can Bring MU To The Champion

It is possible that if The Blues do not assign a fourth agent especially for running special operations Chelsea get Pedro, this blue London Clubs could only bite the fingers, nimble player who successfully deliver Spain win the World Cup and the European Cup was wearing a uniform of the greatness of Manchester United.

Bayern Munich striker Arjen Robben believes the Memphis Depay can help Manchester United grabbed the trophy on this season.

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Robben's statement is not detached from the stylish appearance shown Depay timehelp MU win 3-1 over Club Brugge on the first leg of the play-off round of the Champions League at Old Trafford Stadium, Tuesday (17/8/2015) early morning GMT. On the match was Depay able to pack the two goals and one assist to help MarouaneHoward scored with a header.

The fantastic record that made the national team he was convinced of Robben in the Netherlands could give the trophy to Old Trafford two seasons already zero degree.

"He will be one of the world's top player at Manchester United. He had been ready to reach the highest level, playing with one of the biggest clubs in the world will make it the better, "said Robben was quoted as saying from the Daily Star.

"Manchester United will be back winning trophies, and he will be a big part for it," said Robben.

Robben: Depay Can Bring MU To The Champion

A sense of optimism against Robben Depay not regardless of the figure of the Manager, Louis van Gaal reacted. According to him, Van Gaal reacted is the right personfor the Depay to take out his best ability.

"The decision of Depay joined the MU is a decision easy because Louis van Gaal reacted is one of the best coaches in the world. Memphis will become full players under the guidance of Van Gaal reacted, "Robben ended.

Manchester United reportedly is ready to provide a fantastic salary offer to ThomasMuller to change his uniform this season. Is this THY wits already signal hookMuller?

This step is of course not regardless of conditions on the stock transfer. The Red Devils had just lost the one game that is Nicolas Otamendi who choose to join Manchester City. In addition, Louis van Gaal reacted crime squads also threatened failed tohook the Barcelona winger Pedro Rodriguez, who likely migrated to Chelsea in the near future.