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Sampdoria Forced Eder went to Inter

Official Inter Milan Sampdoria striker hook, Eder, on loan. The Italy international players have already undergone medical tests in Milan on Friday (29/1/2016) morningand he can enter squad Nerazzurri on a derbi Milan, Sunday (31/1).

"FC Internazionale would like to announce that Eder Citadin Martins had already recruited for the Club from UC Sampdoria on loan with two years and there is a requirement to buy it," Inter's statement through the Club's official website.

The striker has already signed a contract with the Nerazzurri until June 30, 2020. "

"We are pleased to welcome Eder into teams. He has the quality of top players withinternational experience. He will give a new dimension to the game and is another option for Real Madrid. "

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Sampdoria Forced Eder went to Inter

Eder, who currently occupy second place Serie A goalscorers list with a collection of12 goals, commented this displacement problem. He claimed to be very happy because of her hard work to fruition.
"I'm happy here. I've worked hard over the years to be able to play at a great club like Inter, "said the 29-year-a player.

Thus, the transfer of her story end Eder, which also involves the team surprises in the Premier League, Leicester City, now topping the standings temporarily. The reason, the Club also wanted the service ultimately chose the Eder, anchored at theSan Siro.

Nobody mentioned what price should be paid Inter to get players birth 15 November 1986. But according to Transfermarkt, market prices of players who could also operate on the left wing of this 15 million euros (about Idr 222.661 billion).

Eder (29) felt he was forced away from Sampdoria on stock transfer this winter.

Most commonly, players who have a major contribution to the Club tend to want to keep. At the very least, the player has the option to decide survive or go.

This season, Eder so shine in front-line Sampdoria. Although he slumped in Samp Ilcompetition Board under the Serie A standings, Eder there in the ranks of the top three in scoring.

A collection of 12 goals making him the second list ranks top scorer after Gonzalo Dismisses.

Sampdoria have opted to take advantage of sales Eder considering her age alreadywilling to enter the head of three while the player's impressive Central performance.

"I was forced to leave soon," said Eder as reported by Telenord.

Sampdoria Forced Eder went to Inter

Inter Milan and Leicester City are two of the most interested Club purchased the Eder. However, less than 24 hours would seem to be official uniformed Eder I Nerazzurri.

"Sampdoria received 13 million euro bid from either Inter or Leicester and then I was asked to choose one based on consideration of salary," he said.

"There are still some things we need to deal with. However, it will be completed at the end of the stock transfer, "he said.

Party Derbi della Madonnina in Serie A will be presented on Sunday (31/1/2016). For the captain, Riccardo Montolivo, positive results in the big game can treat remorsewill be the consistency of the team this season.

So far it's still trouble finding consistency reaped positive results.

This time Milan occupies the sixth position in the standings 33 points. The nicks was born eight points from Inter Milan and Fiorentina is fourth at the last position the Champions League zone.

They could not win in a five-visit to the big eight Serie A teams and even lost the Scorpion into teams that used to be sepantaran or ever under them, Juventus (1-0), Fiorentina (0-2) and Inter Milan (0-1).

Sampdoria Forced Eder went to Inter

As a result, the army found its way through steep Sinisa Mihajlovic to be able to penetrate the top competition of the Serie A standings.

"Regrets this season is we fail to make the leap. We haven't performed consistently, "said Montolivo.

Montolivo was confident of victory in the party against Inter will still maintain hope of Milan to be able to finish the big three.

"The match Derbi della Madonnina is a crucial party to maintain our hope to finish in a high position," he said.

I also still had a large the Rossoneri won the Coppa Italy this season. A victory overAlesssandria in the first semi-final game making one leg of Milan is in the final.

"The steps we are already close to the final of the Coppa Italy, we've been working fine," he said.

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Aldo: there has been no Bid contracts from Rome

Stephan Aldo trying to straighten out the related future along with AS Roma. This 23 year old striker ensured yet officially became a permanent contract with Roma players.

"Problem statement Sabatini? Fun to hear it say, as it was and I thank you. However,there is currently no official, "said Aldo as reported by Calciomercato.

"Now I just focus on this season's ending well. We just wait, what are the decisionsof Rome after this season ends, "he said.

Previous Sports Director Walter Sabatini Rome, said Aldo will fixed in the original capital Club next season. Players on loan Rome in January will not be returned to his native Club, AC Milan.

"Aldo will still be here. He deserves to stay here, "said Sabatini as reported by Corriere dello Sport.

Club called Wolf Rome, Aldo seems to get his best performance as a striker again.

In nine chance of playing in Rome so far, he is capable of collecting six goals in Serie a.

Cagliari back into Serie a. Clubs called Gli Isolani returned to the highest caste League of Italy after a 3-0 win over host Bari in Stadio Comunale San Nicola on Friday(6/5/2016) or the early hours of Saturday.

Aldo: there has been no Bid contracts from Rome

Cagliari get automatic promotion along with Crotone, first make sure drove to the Serie A next season. The origin of the island of Sardinia clubs began the victory through goals Joao Pedro.

This Brazil midfielder scored in the 24th minute. Foster care Massimo Rastelli is ending the game in the first half with a one-goal advantage.

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Cagliari's advantage early in the second half exactly 49 minutes through goals in theState of origin players other Samba, Diego Farias.

While the third goal scored by Alberto Cagliari Cerri. A striker on loan from Juventuscompletes victory squads Gli Isolani through Spurn hard from outside the penalty box.

"I am proud to be captain of the team that filled many of these youth. We've done so many things. We deserve it and will now enjoy it, "said goalkeeper Marco Storari, former Juventus goalkeeper so Cargliari to Sky Sports Italy.

This positive record makes Cagliari Prize for caste, only after they were relegated last season. It is also their first experience so in Serie B since the 2003-2004 season, when they finished runners-up and promotion.

Cagliari has ever captured the scudetto in the season 1969-1970. At that time, they still reinforced the legendary football player, Luigi ' Gigi ' Riva.

Aldo: there has been no Bid contracts from Rome

Roma midfielder Sepatu Futsal Specs Daniele De Rossi says the Manchester United legend Roy Keane, isthe figure of the hero in her eyes. It said 32-year-old footballer was on Friday (6/5/2016) local time.

De Rossi had already been melakoni more than 500 matches together. However, he never won the League title for the past 15 seasons at the Club, based in the Stadio Olimpico that.

Meanwhile, Roy Keane was able to win seven Premier League titles during 13 seasons in Man United's plus one Champions League title in 1999.

De Rossi ever revealed his fascination towards the figure of former captain at Old Trafford it.

"Keane is my hero. Back number 16 and the birthday of my daughter Gaia (16 June)dedicated to her, "said De Rossi as reported by The 42.

"He is the only person in the world who I ask to take pictures with two years ago. I am too embarrassed asking for photographs alongside Diego Maradona. However, Icannot resist when Keane together, "said De Rossi.

In addition to Keane, De Rossi pick Roberto Baggio and Eric Cantona as his favourite footballer outside Rome.

SSD Parma Calcio 1913 had a ' great story ' which is the opposite of last year ahead of the end of 2015-2016. The club called I Ducali overachievers with 37 match without losing so capable of promotion, although it still has all the action.

Yes, Parma's successful promotion from Serie D season to Lega Pro or third tier League Italy in 2016-2017. Along with eight other clubs from nine groups, Parma and Serie D team to grab the re-opening of asa to Serie A.

Parma went down to as low as four to caste competition Country leaning tower of Pisa late season 2014-2015 due to insolvency. Acute financial problems make the Club must accept the consequence is great.

However, the experience of many years in Serie A for Parma makes them very jemawa in Group d. From 37 times main season, they recorded 27 times and win sisasnyadraw without ever losing.

The total value of them while 91 or superior 17 numbers of the team second place pool, Altovicentino. Total points is indeed not so nice most of the nine groups in Serie D, but their record is better than the two clubs ' smelled ' other Serie A.