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These six players who Hijacked The Blues

John Obi Mikel had signed a document stating she will go from Lyn Oslo in April 2015. During the same time, MU has also announced their success getting his official page on Mikel.

However, the reality is another, said an agreement between MU and Obi Mikel's agent has a problem. When Obi will soon join MU in January 2006, he never came to Old Trafford even though at a news conference before he got hold of the jersey.

At that time, Mikel stated if himself was forced to sign a contract with you. In fact, this Nigerian players prefer to join Chelsea. Finally managed to join Chelsea's Mikel but had to pay compensation for Lyn and MU.

Arsenal target Juan Mata in 2011 and has proposed an offer of 18 million pounds tobring in a midfielder of Valencia. But the offer was rejected Valencia requesting TheGunners to increase the offer for the eyes.

These six players who Hijacked The Blues

Seeing this opportunity, direct Chelsea move. As they did against Pedro, The Blues instantly increase your bid be 23.5 million pounds and it was also Eye so the players Chelsea.

Hodgson reported interested in bringing in midfielder Basel, Mohamed Salah. However, the process that never get said agreed up to two and a half months to make Liverpool unregister get wrong.

As a result, Chelsea sign and menelikung wrong. Egypt midfielder until it's official uniform.

Robben to London and met with the Manager of the MU that moment, Sir Alex Ferguson in 2003. But, the bid submitted MU by 5 million pounds was considered too small for PSV Eindhoven, the Club Robben's owner at the time.

At that time President Harry van Raaij, PSV until it says "with much for money you can only get Robben jersey complete with his signature,".

Chelsea are again seeing opportunity in gold. Abramovich immediately handed me a Fund amounting to 12.1 million pounds to PSV. Robben Chelsea player becomesofficial and offered some of the most prestigious trophy for Chelsea.

These six players who Hijacked The Blues

It's no secret when Petr Cech was actually barely joined Arsenal in 2002. However, awork permit is invalidated Cech never make that help the case.

Until in 2004, Arsenal tried again getting Cech and Chelsea but failed to succeed.

Prior to dock their choice along with Manchester City, Nicolas Otamendi is the maintarget of Manchester United. As it turns out, the seduction of death Alvaro Negredowho melt his heart to choose Manchester blue.

Otamendi brought Manchester City of Valencia with a dowry of 31.5 million pounds sterling ($ 681 billion). Otamendi signed the contract lasts five seasons alongside Manchester blue.

Otamendi last season performing brilliantly and successfully escorted Valencia ended the season with fourth position. Argentine players were performing as many as 38times and scored six goals. That's the reason why MU stickler for meminangnya. Moreover, the central crisis hit the Red Devils in the midfield defense.

When asked what makes Otamendi finally chose the City, 27-year defender was pointing one name i.e. Negredo, who last season played with him at Valencia, on loan from the City.

Not just loan players, Negredo City more on Valencia, Bruno Zuculini, else do the same and make steady Otamendi kian chose his new Club as a City.

"I've talked to Alvaro and she says things that are wonderful about this Club," said ESPN Soccernet Otamendi was quoted as saying.

These six players who Hijacked The Blues

"Just as (Bruno) Zuculin. They said to me that the City is a wonderful, wonderful place to play, and the people there are all very friendly. Starting from kitmen, everyoneeverything's there are very friendly, "dial Negredo.

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However, the steep path awaits Otamendi to grab a place in the first team. One place in the heart of defence would have become Captain Vincent Kompany. Otamendiwould compete for one place with Martin Demichelis and Eliaquim Mangala.

Manchester City defence line of the inhabited world class players. However, NicolasOtamendi optimistic snatch a place in the first team.

Otamendi brought Manchester City of Valencia with a dowry of 31.5 million pounds sterling ($ 681 billion). Otamendi signed the contract lasts five seasons alongside Manchester blue.