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Interview Nicolas Otamendi: ambition is to bring the City a success in Europe

Prediction of MU vs Newcastle: Continue the trend BagusNicolas Otamendi has complete moving to Manchester City. Together with The Citizens, Otamendi agreed signed the contract lasts five seasons.

Resounding performance along with Valencia in last season, made a name in the list of incoming Otamendi hunting clubs of Europe. And one of the Club has a very secure services is Manchester United.

The Red Devils need players like Otamendi to escort lines of Defense. Had to pass word if the move to Old Trafford Otamendi only complete a number of small details in the document transfer.

Interview Nicolas Otamendi: ambition is to bring the City a success in Europe

However, a successful Manchester City thus proposes Otamendi of Valencia. Mahar32 million pounds ($ 699 billion) issued the management immediately accepted stronghold City of Valencia.

The presence of the back lines making Otamendi City increasingly solid. Because previously they have had such a tough Defender Vincent Kompany, MartinDemichelis, and Eliaquim Mangala.

Thus, what ultimately makes Nicolas Otamendi choose merge to Manchester City rather than MU. As well as any ambition who wants to diwujudkannya along The Citzens?

The following excerpts of the interview that 27 years players such as reported by Manchester City's official website:

How do you feel after finally Officially merge to Manchester City?
I am very happy because I came to the club that is very amazing. The opportunity to play in the Premier League and enjoy every game, join a club that looks very beautiful from the outside, now I have the opportunity to enjoy them directly from within ... This is a tremendous enjoyment for me.

I was lucky enough to be able to give my best in each club that I am fighting for my career, but of course every player wants to grow and reach for higher things. TodayI was in the City, is happy to be part of this Club and play in the Premier League. I will try to do my best.

Can Tell About Your Play Style?
In the field, I was a player with personality. I like to organize the defence so that theattacker can attack the quarterback and without the worry. I like to set the order of defence for the team. With so many important players that we have on the line of attack, is big enough to help stay organized at the rear to avoid the lines conceded.

Interview Nicolas Otamendi: ambition is to bring the City a success in Europe

I was a player who likes to fight for every ball, it is fundamental for a player. I will give my best in every game.

What made you finally Choose Manchester City. Whereas, Manchester United Also Wanted You?
I talked with Alvaro (Negredo) and he said wonderful things about the Club. The same thing also delivered by Zuculini, who played with me in Valencia. They say that this is a top Club, amazing places to play and all the people in the Club was very good. Of course Sergio Aguero gave the same input, Micho (Demichelis), Pablo (Mancini) ... To tell the truth is here is a dream and I hope to enjoy it to the maximum possible.

Are you sure you Can adapt to the style of play in England?
Have been playing with some colleagues in the same team previously Like instagram gratis will help me adapt. I have been playing with Micho (Demichelis), Pablo (Mancini), and Zucu (Zuculini), with Fernando and Mangala also ... They are players I know and will give you a great help to me during the process of adjusting ourselves. Surely after a few days Iwill get to know the rest of my teammates.

How Do You Feel About The Supporters Of Manchester City?
I am overwhelmed with fans in every City action. Last weekend, I watched the City against Chelsea and the desire of the fans is something that makes players happy.

Manchester City have had big names in the back Line. Are you ready to compete with them?
Barcelona is one of the world's best defender, Demichelis is here because he's a great player, Mangala ... They are the players who want to be owned by teams around the world and they are here. It will be a healthy competition for the starting XI, but that's the beautiful thing of football: you compete healthily with teammates.

Manchester City's performance early in the season is pretty convincing. Your Assessment?
We are still early in the season, but you can see the direct team play with the speed, intensity and a high pressure ... It is the basis for control of the ball and playing competitive in every game. The team perform like that against Chelsea and they playeda perfect game.