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Where His Contribution, Pogba?

Never mind the goals or assists, prick-prick typical 23-year-old player was often troublesome defense opponents disappear in the current two-party: contra Manchester City (10/9/2016) in the EPL and Feyenoord (15/9/2016) in the Europa League.

As a player that was purchased for $81 million pounds, was indeed great expectations saddled Pogba from United fans. No wonder, he reaped criticism over bad appearances in the last two games.

On Sunday (18/9/2016), Pogba will get another chance to contribute real goal or assist when Manchester United visited to the home of Watford.

There is no reason for Pogba failed in regard to his team in dire need of a victory for the sake of restoring confidence is being disturbed due to the 1-2 defeat of City and 0-1 Feyenoord.

Where His Contribution, Pogba?

Pogba opportunities contribute to a wide open because the host does not have a great history of facing United. The last time the Red Devils beat Watford was in September 1986!

Winning Team

Manager Jose Mourinho had had the same starting XI in the second and third week, but by turning them the moment meets City.

Cons of Feyenoord, Mou even lose a number of players who previously got the starter. Not coincidentally, the result rombakan Mou resulted in defeat.

Seeing this, United beat Watford will be easier if lowering the winning team that also contains a Juan Mata and Anthony Martial, two figures disappeared from the starting XI versus the City.

Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola, judging that the skuatnya had passed the toughest test by beat Bournemouth 4-0 in the fifth week of the Premier League at theEtihad Stadium, Saturday (17/9/1999).

Where His Contribution, Pogba?

Man City's dominance in those games.

Kevin de Bruyne, Kelechi Iheanacho, Raheem Sterling, Ilkay Guendogan and alternately defeated Bournemouth goalkeeper Artur Boruc escorted.

However, Guardiola did not underestimate the pressure given the direction of EddieHowe squads against De Bruyne dkk.

"Bournemouth team that is very good in possession. They also have a great striker like Josh King, a fast wing players, especially their Defender, Adam Smith, "said Guardiola after the game.

"If we allow Bournemouth to play ball, they will show its quality. However, we also aggressively and often utilize the seragan behind, "he said.

The Spain coach said that the quality of the players that determine the end result.

"This victory is not easy after playing in the Champions League. Our difficulty pressing, but in general the quality of the players make the difference in this game, "saidGuardiola.

With those results, The Sky Blues still lasting on the top of the table with a collection of 15 digits thanks to a five-week winning streak at the start of the Premier League.

Everton won its fourth victory in a row at the start of the Premier League 2016-2017.However, Manager Ronald Koeman is still not satisfied with the performance of TheToffees.

Where His Contribution, Pogba?

Everton won its fourth victory after beating Middlesbrough 3-1 at Goodison Park, Tuesday (17/9/1999).

Middlesbrough managed to Excel in advance thanks to goals that are Like Instagram considered suicide of goalkeeper Alberto Fontana Marteen. Netherlands goalkeeper was let go due to her catch balls hit by Jack Alvaro Negredo in the 21st minute.

Not long ago, Everton successfully countered through Spurn Gareth Barry in the 24th minute. Two touchdowns The other born Toffees lobbed the first half ended thanks to the action of Seamus Coleman (42 ') and Romelu Refusing (45 + 1 ').

Despite winning by a score of convincing, Koeman is still not satisfied with the performance of Everton. The Manager of the origin of the Netherlands aged 53 years thatmakes the appearance of the team at the start of the match as the focus in evaluating the team.

"Once again we started the match with no good. We're not quite aggressively and put pressure in play, "said Koeman to BT Sports.

"We really have a lot to improve in terms of the physical. We also bring in a lot of players who have great energy, "he said.

However, Koeman admitted his team had great potential to be able to compete in the Premier League this season. Former Southampton Manager was also sure might present avoid in the current team before.

"There is a lot of confidence, enthusiasm, and cooperation within the team. In my opinion, all that will give the difference to the performance of the team, "said Koeman.

"You could see the reaction of the fans. They loved it. This team has high aggressiveness, but they still need a lot more running and pressing, "he said.

In the next two games in the Premier League, Everton will still face a relatively easieropponents, namely the Bournemouth and Crystal Palace. After that, the real test of the new cs Refusing will be held on October 15, 2016 facing Manchester City at Etihad Stadium.