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Juventus getting away from Rome

A 1-0 victory over Juventus making the move to Sassuolo won the Serie A wide open. However, The Old Lady forces do not want arrogant because the competition is still long.

However, victory over Sassuolo make optimism the players and coaches jumped up.By 11 points from AS Roma, Arsenal's ambitions to grab four title streak is getting closer to reality.

In fact, Juventus is also a chance to snatch three titles at once in a season. The reason, they still have a chance to be champions in two of the other event, namely UEFA Champions League and Coppa Italy.

"The journey is still long, we want to keep the balance, do not want to rush. We must focus on Serie A, UEFA Champions League, Coppa and Italy, "said coach Massimiliano Allegri.

"For us, strong enough to be a main target. Winning the Champions League has also become our dreams, we also have the ambition to achieve success in the Coppa Italy, "said the former AC Milan coach was.

Juventus getting away from Rome

A victory over Juventus making increasingly Sassuolo solidly at the top of the Serie A standings with 61 points from 26 matches. They linked 11 points from Roma's new swallows two consecutive draw.

A 1-0 victory over Juventus and distance make Sassuolo AS Roma into 11 points. This means that the chances of Juventus to reach four straight Serie A title.

However, the Juventus players did not want to boast. They don't want to hastily secured as champions because there are still many matches left in the season 2014/15.

"Are we winning the Scudetto? Instead, we're just winning the match (the face of Sassuolo). Pertanidngan this is very heavy. This victory greatly determine the Serie A Championship, "said Paul Pogba, the hero of the victory of Juventus.

On the same occasion, Pogba also said a big thank you for the support that was provided to the fan. According to Pogba, the presence of the fan was very helpful to his team find the best performance throughout the game.

"If the inign become great players, I have to work harder during practice and in the games. I am very pleased with the full support given the fan. Thank you everything!"said the France players 21 of that year.

A victory over Juventus making increasingly Sassuolo solidly at the top of the Serie A standings with 61 points from 26 matches. They linked 11 points from Roma's new swallows two consecutive draw.

Juventus getting away at the top of the standings while Serie A, particularly from the nearest competitor AS Roma. The situation came after La Vecchia Signora thin win1-0 over Sassuolo through single goal Paul Pogba.

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Juventus getting away from Rome

Playing in Juventus Stadium, Tuesday (10/3) early morning EDT, Juventus had trouble. It took 82 minutes for troops to Massimiliano Allegri defence Sassuolo.

Paul Pogba appeared as a decisive victory of The Old Lady in this match after maximizing the bait from Simone Pepe. Score 1-0 else survived until a match is over.

An additional three points make Juventus now Pack the 61 points atop the standings while Their Italian Serie a. winning 11 points from nearest rivals, AS Roma.

The distance that the increases occurred because the Romans first played the 26thweekend detention drew Chievo Verona 0-0.

Miroslav Klose said Fiorentina did not play poorly when Lazio wins hands down 4-0at the Stadio Olimpico on Tuesday (10/3) early morning GMT. However, a greater hunger makes the team the victory picking Italy's capital.

Miroslav Klose scored two goals in those games. The other two goals created LucasBiglia and Antonio Candreva.

"We played very well. Like that's supposed to be playing football. I think Fiorentinadid not play poorly, they perform well. It's about who is more hungry get the victory, "Klose said.

Those results make Lazio, coincidentally now only four points from city rivals, AS Roma, who are in second place while the Serie A standings.

Lazio appeared surprise by picking away a 4-0 victory over Fiorentina on Tuesday (10/3) early morning GMT, at the Stadio Olimpico. The four-goal victories each printed Lucas Biglia, Antonio Candreva, and Miroslav Klose.

Playing as the home team Lazio immediately open a new game when excellence was 6 minutes. The goal was created after releasing Biglia volley.

After the Fiorentina goal scoring attempt a reply. As a result some opportunities LaViola, so did with Lazio. But the pause until the home team keep winning 1-0.

Lazio managed to double the advantage to 2-0 after Nenad Tomovic tekel in the penalty box to make the referee gave a penalty. Antonio Candreva advanced as executor success scoring.

On 75 minutes Lazio add advantage to 3-0. This time Miroslav Klose scored a goal ball rebound results Spurn Candreva.