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The advice of the Legendary Man United to Rashford

The Manager of Manchester City, Josep ' Pep ' Guardiola, praised his men, Kevin deBruyne. According to the Pep, the Belgium midfielder often dubbed ' Tintin ' that's just like under Megastar FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Praise it slid from the mouth of Guardiola saw the appearance of De Bruyne after game cons Bournemouth, Tuesday (17/9/1999).

Manchester City won 4-0 away accompanied brilliance of De Bruyne. 25 year old player that scored one goal and one assist, and 4 sliced on target.

Plus his ruffled defense the enemy, De Bruyne 10, a.k.a perfect from Whoscored site statistics!

The player touches the blonde that proved vital to the achievement of the results ofMan City for his role against the goals of the team.

The advice of the Legendary Man United to Rashford

Since recruited from Wolfsburg last year, De Bruyne was cast upon the creation of 33 goals in 48 appearances in various event.

Donation details in the form of 18 goals and 15 assists. On the basis of that Pick dare mention The incredible cast of Tintin.

"He's a special player that is capable of doing everything. Without the ball, Kevin is a fighter, and with the ball, he sees clearly all things. Kevin is always the right decision. That's why he's the player with different levels, "said Guardiola told Sky Sports.

Does Pep then dare call De Bruyne as the best player in the Premier League this time?

"I don't know, but of course he's one of the best. We are lucky to have him. Hopefully she can enjoy a game of football that is wonderful with us, "said peramu tactics that Spain.

As a coach who scooped up success with Barcelona in 2008-2012, Pep tried to put quality De Bruyne compared to former players, Real Madrid.

"When talking about, maybe he can sit alone at a table without one is allowed to join. However, Kevin can sit at the table next to him, "said architect aged 45 years.

Former Man United striker, Andy Cole, suggesting a young Red Devils striker, Marcus Rashford (18), to continue to enjoy performing at the putting green. According toCole, such attitude will help develop her talents Rashford.

The advice of the Legendary Man United to Rashford

Rashford had a chance together Manchester United debut on November 21, 2015.

The impressive appearance makes it promoted from junior team Man United into one of the options the player in the Premier League.

Cole did not doubt the talents Rashford. He advised the young striker to still enjoyplaying football and not overburdened public expectations.

"Rashford seem very much enjoyed being a Man United player. He was also Like Instagram Gratis free from the pressure of anything as a teenager and it was helping him. The proof, he can score a goal against Hull City and made a hat-trick with the team United Kingdom U-21.0, "said Cole.

The former striker who bring Man United won the treble in 1999 also suggest Rashford for not too sweat his fate are ' returned ' to the United Kingdom under-21 squads.

Rashford's been called into the 2016 European Championship on a last summer, buthe is now back strengthening The Three Lions junior squad are taken care of Gareth Southgate.

"I think he brought the atmosphere after an impressive debut with Man United andwant to continue to be in the senior team of United Kingdom. However, now it feels like he's been receiving the decision and could have scored a goal. If I were him, I will also be doing so, "said Cole.

The advice of the Legendary Man United to Rashford

"My next Goal, you are giving assists," so said the Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovicto Paul Pogba after both starred in the 2-0 victory over Southampton(19/8/2016).

Author: Theresa Simanjuntak

These parties is appearance Prime Pogba since removed from Juventus in the summer of 2016. France midfielder it attracts people by attractive game in offense and defense.

Ibrahimovic is no less great. The one who buy up all the goals in the victory, whichwas also the second and third goals for Manchester United in the Premier League, 2016-2017.

Until the fourth week of the League, Ibrahimovic has managed four goals. However,none of these goals assisted assists Pogba. In fact, the appearance of Pogba was impressed.