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Opponents Of Sassuolo, Juventus Rely On Distant Shots

Michael Bolingbroke had a crucial task in order to join the control ship Internazionale along President Erick Thohir. Bolingbroke has served as the CEO of Inter since the summer of last year. He became part of the ranks of the squads He formed the Board of directors after a career at Manchester United.

Bolanews had the pleasure of interviewing Bolingbroke exclusively in Jakarta, Saturday (7/3). A number of topics became a matter of discussion. The talks along with Bolingbroke first impression story begins with the arrival at Inter.

"I arrived at Inter in August last year. The first impression was how quiet the atmosphere in Milan because people are enjoying the holidays. Of course many differences between the world I used to be in Manchester with the condition at Inter, "said manUnited Kingdom it was.

"However, the same thing is people here have passion and excitement to football. They love the Club and football is an important part of their lives, "he said.

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Opponents Of Sassuolo, Juventus Rely On Distant Shots

Bolingbroke had a track record of success at United. What made him want to join Inter in the midst of a potential crisis that hit Italy football? "The job at Inter definitely different with at United. The main reason I joined is because he is mister. He had a vision that was very dynamic and inspiring in building the Club, "he said.

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, prepare a strategy to dismantle the Defense meeting of Sassuolo, Monday (9/3).

Not a surprise in Sassuolo Moor bertaktik defense and counter-attack through striker duo Domenico Berardi and Simone Zaza against I Bianconeri. Understandably, they were on a team.

As Bradley's strategists, need smart people who had made opened fire remotely as an alternative if the guest team demonstrated solid defense in the penalty box.

Opponents Of Sassuolo, Juventus Rely On Distant Shots

Paul Pogba, the printer only goal Juventus cons Sassuolo 1 in the League at a meeting in October 2014, potentially ending the fast running golnya since the end of January.

Half of the six goals in Serie A Pogba 2014/15 is originated from outside the penalty box.

Juventus could potentially earn three points full time residences Sassuolo, Monday(9/3).

The headquarters of Juventus, J-Stadium, not a place friendly to guests, though theowner of the team a new stadium suffered a defeat against Fiorentina in the CoppaCoop Italy (5/3).

The last time The Old Lady lost in front of its own supporters was in early January 2013 by Sampdoria.

Another fact that makes up the Juventus victory the greater is the mentality that Sassuolo is not good. The guests are always lost in the League in three current party.

All beats Sassuolo is a team which is currently perched atop the Serie A standings, six major: Fiorentina (rank 6), Napoli (3) and Lazio (4).

During the training the Sassuolo in 2007-2008, Massimiliano Allegri has sweet memories.

He brought the Club's promotion to Serie B for the first time in the history of the Club at the end of 2007/08.

However, Allegri did not enjoy the sweet moments when faced against Sassuolo byother teams. Ex pembesut Cagliari that have never won over the team nicknamed The Black-Green it.

Record counter Allegri Sassuolo is one draw and one defeat. He lost to Sassuolo asstill menukangi Milan on 12 January 2014 (3-4).

Together with his team, Juventus, currently detained Allegri series 1-1 in October 2014.

Opponents Of Sassuolo, Juventus Rely On Distant Shots

On Monday (9/3), Juventus and Allegri will entertain Sassuolo. Could put an end to the barrage of Allegri kah without victory against Sassuolo?

Chievo Verona have announced that Defender Federico Mattiello operations have been running smoothly. The 19-year-old player suffered fractures of the tibia and fibula right foot a result window from the Roma midfielder, Radja Nainggolan.

The incident made the medical team Cheivo and Juventus as the club owner Mattiello agree to immediately perform the operation sese gera as possible. Although concerned about the condition of the junior national team member Italy defender was not yet ready for surgery, but the surgery takes place smoothly.

"AC Chievo Verona announced that operations performed to players Federico Mattiello was successful," wrote official Cheivo at the Club.

"The player will remain under the supervision of the Department of Orthopaedics athospital Sacre Cuore di Nergar and will continue to be monitored before determining the official prognosis."

"The operation which lasted two hours, was necessary as a result of clashes in the 16th minute of the first half in the match Chievo Verona-Rome, causing fractures of the tibia and fibula right foot players."

This makes the clarity when Mattiello will return to the field has yet to be determined. But there was no damage to the ligaments of his knee in the incident which means the time of the restoration will be shorter.