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The CEO of Inter: Mancini and Great Coach Mazzarri

Bolanews had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Inter, Michael Bolingbroke, exclusively in Jakarta, Saturday (7/3). He was kindly told me many things.

One of the topics discussed was about the figure of bomber mainstay Inter, Mauro Icardi. Emerging rumours that Icardi incoming radar target giant European clubs, including Chelsea. What is the opinion of Bolingbroke reserved Icardi?

"I am happy to watch it play. She is fantastic. However, its future is also the same with the other players, "he said.

"Coach Roberto Mancini had six months to evaluate the team until the summer transfer exchanges later. He is the one that decides all decisions. The Club set up a team that he wants, "he said again.

Inter is still attempting to penetrate the makeup of the top five standings Serie a. Emerged rumors that the Nerazzurri threatened I lose some star players if it failed toqualify for the Champions League next season.

The CEO of Inter: Mancini and Great Coach Mazzarri

In a chance interview with Inter'S CEO, Michael Bolingbroke, Bolanews throw the question about what will be done of the Club next season. Is it true that Inter would sell players important to get high income?

"Our goal is to participate in the UEFA Champions League in a permanent base. To achieve that, we need a competent team to do it. Everything starts from the coach.Roberto Mancini takes time to form a team around him and we'll provide that he needs, "he said.

"Later this summer, certainly there will be activity in the stock transfer. I am sure the Club will bring a number of players and some will go. Obviously we still have to balance finances, "said Bolingbroke again.

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So does Inter still could qualify for the Champions League next season?

"Of course. The trip of the season is still long. You see, Fiorentina can beat Juventusin Italy. So, everything still can happen, "said former members of the Board of Directors of Manchester United it.

Michael Bolingbroke served as the CEO of Inter since the summer of last year. He became part of the bed of the President of the Board of Directors of squad ranks ErickThohir after a career at Manchester United. Bolanews had the pleasure of interviewing Bolingbroke exclusively in Jakarta, Saturday (7/3).

After Bolingbroke joined Inter lift two coaches, Walter Mazzarri and Roberto Mancini. What impression Bolingbroke about them?

"Both the figure of a very professional, dedicated, and have mental winner. The Clubwas fortunate to have both great coaches, "he said.

The CEO of Inter: Mancini and Great Coach Mazzarri

"However, we have to do the turn because the team needed results. We need a victory this time. Really a tough decision. "

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini,, saying that striker Paulo Dybala Cristiano Ronaldo in the days to come. The President believes that any selling price could reach 40 million euros.

Dybala currently being the target of big clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Juventus. He succeeded in making Palermo almost safe to survive in Serie A thanks to a collection of 12 goals and seven assists until the 26th week.

"We are getting closer to being in the safe position mathematically, then we will allsee to where we can finish," said the Zamparini to Radio Anch'io Sport.

"Dybala has been marred by some news, but the Agency is able to do his job well and I have a very good relationship with him."

"For me, Messi is Dybala in the days to come. The price is decent rated by 40 million euros, but let's see what happens. The money we get from the sale of midfielder Argentina it's very clear we invest will return back. "

"(Coach Beppe) Iachini will persist as long as we have a project, even if the major players went because Dybala will come. Iachini makes me confident that he can buy the right players in accordance with the budget and our current economic climate. "

The CEO of Inter, Michael Bolingbroke, reasoned that he was interested in joining the Nerazzurri because I had the same vision with President Erick Thohir. Before Inter,Bolingbroke worked as one of the staff directors of Manchester United.

The CEO of Inter: Mancini and Great Coach Mazzarri

Erick Thohir had a vision of restoring Inter to a heyday with the management of the Club.

"The goal is to make Inter entered the order of 10 of the world in terms of revenueand the achievements in the next five years," said Bolingbroke in an exclusive interview with Bolanews in Jakarta (7/3).

Which is more difficult: maintaining United's brand of greatness or restore the brand to mainstream the biggest clubs Inter world?

"Both are great challenges, but the second choice is not finished I did. For the reasons that I receive the Inter I love challenges. At the Club, I certainly had the same vision with the President, Massimo Moratti also. An honor to be working with them, especially when it is able to manifest what they dreamed about in Inter, "he said again.

Hence, how to create a strategy to make it happen?