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Question Mark Milan's New Stadium

Fiorentina are subject 0-4 from Lazio at the start of the weekend. The results were quite startling in the Middle tokcernya the appearance of La Viola later.

Create a Fiorentina, this result being the worst way break their nirkekalahan series in 13 of the current party in various event. "Lazio deserved to win. This disappointmentcan occur when you play every three days, "said Fiorentina coach, Vincenzo Montella.

As the landslide defeat of Montella, it's like a form of accumulated fatigue squad Fiorentina. Power Stefan Savic cs. drained because earlier action-heavy action throughthree different event face strong rivals, like Tottenham, Inter or Juventus.

AC Milan's fortifications had to resist the urge to get a new stadium. The reason, Fondazione Fiera as owner of the land that will be used to build the stadium has yet togrant permission to the Rossoneri I.

Question Mark Milan's New Stadium

According to the plan, a new stadium built AC-capacity 48 thousand audience in the area of Portello. Land rulers should grant permission this week, but was delayed until April or may to June.

Before the construction of the stadium plan materialized, Milan will keep doing the renovation of the San Siro against which became their headquarters today. Milan hopes to get a new enclosure Stadium in 2018/19 because the Internazionale intends to take over the San Siro kepemilikkan from the City Council. (wta)

Lazio is capable of exploiting the fragility of jelly in line behind Fiorentina in the duel at the Olimpico, Monday (9/3). Score 4-0 victories create host.

Create this landslide victory, Lazio deliver them to occupy third position in the standings. Team beralias The young Eagle displacing Naples in order to take over the ratings, which gives the last rations to 2015/16 Champions League it. Both teams have the same points (46), but Lazio's superior goal difference.

"Children play near perfect. We want to qualify for the European Cup competition. The team still has to collect as many points as possible in the 12 matches remaining, "said Lazio coach, Stefano Pioli, in Sportmediaset.

Question Mark Milan's New Stadium

Reasonable this victory was greeted enthusiastically. Lazio had to go through sevenweeks of the current until finally returning to the third stage.

Disturbances in the back doesn't hamper Francesco Totti did sprint or Sprint. Sprintis not only carried out the captain of Rome in 73-minute appearance against host Palermo on Sunday (6/5).

Il Lupo icons that are also doing sprint in the hunt for the title il capocannoniere orscorer. Last Sunday, Francesco Totti scored one goal, in a 2-1 victory over Palermo,while its competitors failed to increase the number of goals.

Francesco Totti goal was sensational. The shots came from a distance of 30 meters from the goal can be called hard into goals. But, the 30 year old attacker was able to make the ball swerve past a posse of Palermo and entered on the remote.

Totti has already scored 10 goals. He excelled in four touchdowns over the nearest competitor, i.e. the bomber Livorno, Cristiano Lucarelli. Livorno under Captain there was Rolando Bianchi (Reggina), Luca Toni (Fiorentina) Gionatha Spinesi, and (Catania).

Since playing in the Italian Serie A in 1992/93 stagione, Totti has never been il capocannoniere. Before this season, his best achievement in scoring in one season is 20 goals in the Serie A in 2003/04.

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Question Mark Milan's New Stadium

Note less satisfying earned Internazionale season 2014/15 is making fighting spirit sagging Roberto Mancini. Italy coach was ready to keep fighting brought Inter back to the top and offer the title.

"We will continue to struggle to reap the best results. At least, we hope we can qualify for the Champions League next season. In football, everything is constantly changing in a week. Therefore, we remain confident could meet the ambition, "said Mancini.

"In the rest of the remaining competition, we will maximize the rest the strength to focus on Serie A and the UEFA Europa League. I believe my future is on Inter, "saidMancini, who had previously also been deal with Manchester City and Galatasaray.

Mancini was also optimistic his team could perform better in the next season. The reason, he and son asuhnya have learned many things from the competition carried on the season 2014/15. "Mentally the players continue to grow," said 50-year-old coach was.