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Get Rid Of Serie B Team, Milan Meets Sampdoria

AC Milan struggled to a round of extra time to conquer the Serie B Club Crotone,, on lap four Coppa Italy. Playing at the San Siro on Tuesday (1/12/2015), the Rossoneri win 3-1, thus qualifying for the round of 16 to meet Sampdoria on 16 December.

Both teams had to magpies for 120 minutes, after their 1-stalemate in normal time 90 minutes. Milan had a chance to Excel through Luiz Adriano at the start of the second half, before Ante Budimir scored are, which forced the match to be continuedfor 30 minutes.

Playing in front of their public, Milan tried to play aggressively since the kick-off whistle sound. However, the Rossoneri are rarely dangerous chances so the team making the guest, who is also minimal opportunity, not hassles stem the attacks. Score 0-0 does not change until the down.

Get Rid Of Serie B Team, Milan Meets Sampdoria

At the start of the second half, Milan directly make an impact. As a result, only twominutes after drinking is down, the Rossoneri could be scored through the actions of striker Luiz Adriano, grossmuller Andrea Poli.

Poly initiate movement towards the box brilliant nan, measurable feedback before releasing it to Adriano. 28 year old striker origin Brazil is more used to outwit goalkeeper Alex Cordaz, placed before the round leather, to make Milan winning 1-0.

The goal spurred morale Sinisa Mihajlovic had to continue to do. But it is precisely to make them somewhat off guard.

Instead of scoring the extra goal, Milan controlled 38 year-old unintentionally goalkeeper, Christian Abbiati, even conceded on 68 minutes. Crotone, who plays in Serie B, scoring are through the action Ante Budimir, after first passing through the obstacles, Colombia Defender Cristian Zapata's origin.

Milan, who are knitting in Serie A desperate to enter the Champions League zone, trying to rise and victory. But they remain a difficulty adding a goal until the normal time for 90 minutes over. This makes The Red should continue his struggle during the 30-minute extra time, because there has to be a winner in this round.

Milan's efforts resulted in injury time the first half of the extra round. Giacomo Bonaventura breaking into goal Crotone in the 105 + 1, through the execution of a free-kick from outside the penalty area, after Adriano violated by Michele Cremonesi.

Ten minutes after the second half of this additional round starts, Milan is back adding goals. M'Baye Babacar Niang this time that records his name on the scoreboard, which makes the Rossoneri winning 3-1, which endured until a match is over. This makes Milan stepped into the round of 16.

Get Rid Of Serie B Team, Milan Meets Sampdoria

In other matches, Torino 4-1 win over Cesena so qualified for the round of 16 to meet Juventus. Torino produced four goals by Alessandro Open (3 '), Alessandro Open(13 '), Maxi Lopez (51 ') and Marco Benassi (84 ", while the guest team scored the only goal for Emmanuel Cascione (68 ').

COPPA Italy followed throughout Italy football caste, which is divided into three phases (including the final). In the first phase there are four rounds, then the second phase, which consists of the round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals.

Round of 16 contested by eight teams who qualify from the first phase with eight Serie A teams in the previous season. Milan, who last season knocked off the big eight positions, must be fought from the first phase, before grabbing a ticket to the round of 16.

Except for the semi-final and final, all matches of the first and second phase lasted only one game. While the semifinals and finals will be enforced and the away enclosure system.

Hellas Verona has officially designate Luigi Delneri as new coach. Delneri Andrea Mandorlini position replaces the sacked by the Club on Monday (30/11/2015).

Mandorlini was sacked after Hellas Verona lost to 2-3 while on a trip to the headquarters of Frosinone at Stadio Comunale Matusa, November 29, 2015. Hellas Verona pun is now in the order of the Serie A standings, gatekeeper and recently grabbed 6 points.

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Get Rid Of Serie B Team, Milan Meets Sampdoria

Delneri is designated as suksesor Mandorlini ever expected to lift achievement Hellas Verona to Chievo in Serie A this season.

"I thank the Club top of the opportunity they gave me. I really missed football, "saidDelneri time press conference Tuesday (1/12/2015).

Since the last time was sacked by Genoa in January 2013, Delneri indeed have neveragain cultivate the managerial world. Previously, Delneri recorded ever menukangi great Serie A clubs, i.e.Juventus and AS Roma.

"Verona is a great place and this Club be proud because it's got tremendous support from the suporternya," said the 65 year-old Italy coach.

"The first thing I need to do is fix the overall squad mental condition," said Delneri.