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Pochettino: sometimes it takes a lot of opportunities for the sake of Printing one goal

There are three teams until the fifth week of the Premier League this season has not been invincible. They are Manchester City, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenhamm grabbed a 1-0 victory in a match at White Hart Lane that. Single goal accounted for The Spurs by his main strikers, Harry Kane.

Thanks to this victory, Tottenham ascend to the third stage standings while scoring11 points. Called The Spurs team that became one of the three teams that are undefeated in the Premier League yet so far.

The top standings Manchester City still inhabited the results of five matches. They dibuntuti Everton within two points.

Tottenham Hotspur won 1-0 victory over Sunderland at White Hart Lane Stadium, Sunday (18/9/2016). The victory earned after Spurs creates so many opportunities.

Pochettino: sometimes it takes a lot of opportunities for the sake of Printing one goal

Tottenham managed to win thanks to a single goal Harry Kane on 59 minutes. 23 year old attacker was successfully leveraging the ball wildly in front of the net with a whole flat.

Whereas, in all the match Tottenham managed to release the 31 shots that nine of them right on target. One goal of the number of chances as much as it shows that there is a problem in midfield and attack Spurs.

However, this was seen by Manager Mouricio simple Pochettino. Origin ArgentinaManager it mentioned that sometimes teams need many chances to score only one goal.

"Sometimes it's tough running game, although in the end we got a fair result. We have a lot of trying and trying to score a goal, "said Pochettino told the BBC.

"I want a team can create a lot of chances and played well. Sometimes you need so much to score a goal, "he said.

In addition to three points, Pochettino admitted very pleased Spurs can achieve these results. A victory over Sunderland was very important to awaken the mentality ofplaying team after trouble in the Champions League.

"It was great to get the three points we needed this for the sake of eliminating the disappointment after the defeat of Monaco," said Pochettino.

"Today we are always trying to attack. We had disappointed because has created so many chances in the first half, "he said.

Pochettino: sometimes it takes a lot of opportunities for the sake of Printing one goal

Tottenham Hotspur merangsek to big three standings while at the close of the fifthPremier League weekend 2016-2017. Of the total 31 trials, Hugo Lloris dkk was only able to win against Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 over Sunderland at White Hart Lane Sunday (18/9/2016).

Although Moussa Dembele went back to the list of the main players, the absence ofthe name of the Cristian reigns on Eriksen.

Moreover, while Tottenham Hotspur tried mengeksplotasi the defense of Sunderland. In addition to the final settlement of the bad, the creative energy that is commonly present on Eriksen failed played well through the midfield replacement.

As a result, the 19 experiment children North London has not resulted in any magical goal in the first half.

Onslaught spurs increasingly make Sunderland is not real in the second half.

Yet 15 minutes this half of the run, the Spurs successfully broke the deadlock through Harry Kane on 59 minutes.

Kyle Walker cross successfully once Delle Ali before finally resolved by Kane.

GOL Kane being the only goal in the match. Upon this victory, the Spurs continued its dominance over Sunderland.

Recorded, The Lily Whites, nickname of Tottenham, undefeated in 13 matches consSunderland since April 2010.

Wilfried Bony doesn't think the odds back to Manchester City and Stoke Beli Like Instagram shared a career focus.

The status of ownership of Bony still overpowered Man City until June 30, 2019. Only, he was loaned out to Stoke for one year to the next.

It is expected, that the Ivory Coast striker was able to recover his career was waningduring last one year.

"There is still a bond contract with Man City. However, I've been talking to the agentand Manager Josep Guardiola. I have to undergo a full season without injury, "saidBony.

"I want to focus and show the best performance together with Stoke. After that, the future is not predictable, "said he.

Fitness problem troubling career indeed Bony in Man City. He recorded 103 spent the day in order to restore the four types of injury.

As a result, the Bony sharpness. He was just able to scored eleven goals in 46 matches with The Citizens.

Along with Stoke so far, Bony themselves yet could give a positive effect. Of the two games, he failed to score a goal and prevent his team from defeat.