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Cech: Giroud is still useful for Arsenal

Chelsea's position as pemuncak standings while Premier League hasn't made DavidLuiz are satisfied. BEK The Blues origins of the Brazil said at the end of season championship 2016-2017, remains the primary mission.

Chelsea climbed to the number one Premier League standings after a 1-0 win against Middlesbrough, Sunday (20/2/2016).

Diego Costa goal on 41 minutes bringing the overtaking London origin clubs Manchester City and Liverpool FC.

David Luiz have not been satisfied with the results. For her, the job is still a lot of Chelsea.

"The most important Thing is we maintain top position until the end of the season.We love being able to go up to the first position, but it is still too early. Our goal is the champion. A victory over Middlesbrough's new beginning, "said Luiz.

Cech: Giroud is still useful for Arsenal

On the other hand, ought to be proud of its record of Luiz his team already past six games in the Premier League without conceded.

The last time Chelsea conceded was lost 0-3 from Arsenal on 24 September 2016.

This means that, from that moment, the goal Chelsea clean of goals for 590 minutes.

"Of course the Chelsea defender was happy with those results. On the other hand, we should still be calm and humble. Each match is always difficult and challenging, "said Luiz.

The player who had defended the Paris Saint-Germain are ready, guarding the heart of the Chelsea defense and will not protest the changes implemented by coach Antonio Conte.

"I will do my best, no matter where my position. All the players Chelsea also think soand it makes us appear good, "he said.

To shit again at home. That's the hope of the Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho.

Man United are indeed unfortunately overshadowed the party the last enclosure in the three Premier League 2016-2017.

Scoresheet and spreading threats, called the Red Devils Club that just ended the game without a victory.

Cech: Giroud is still useful for Arsenal

While entertain Stoke's squad, Mourinho chalked up 24 shots with nine of them right on target.

Even the home team scored first. However, they should be satisfied with the results of the final 1-1.

The goddess Fortuna back away from Wayne Rooney et al on the next duel againstBurnley which ended with the score 0-0.

Man United had 11 shots on target and all of them failed to bear fruit.

Meanwhile, Burnley had only one goal and kick to the mastery of his ball just 28 pesen.

The latest home game versus Arsenal, Saturday (19/11/1999), Manchester United also winning first via Juan Mata on 68 minutes.

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The victory in front of the eyes of dispersed after touchdowns are the seat of OlivierGiroud one minute before injury time.

The bigmatch on, the number of shots on goal the United amounted to five. Arsenaljust mengkreasi a direct shot to the goal and resulted in touchdowns.

Mourinho considers a series of misadventures as a guest team create the magic.

He does not want to set the same way when her team entertain West Ham United,Wednesday (27/11/1999).

"Three wonders. Don't say West Ham came here and we play good, but losing, "saidMourinho cited Manchester Evening News.

"At least, I would want a team came here and beat us with their great game. After that, you can go home and say that our opponents better, "said Mourinho again.

Man United pocketed nine points from six-party enclosures in the theater the dream season. Last season, in the same game, the amount of points they can get is 2.

The Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, still considers the progress of teammate, OlivierGiroud, important for Arsenal keep up their candidate as one of the champions. Cech ever consider the Manchester United goal counter Giroud, Saturday (19/2/2016) ought to be given more credit.

Giroud goal occurred in 89 minutes and prevent Arsenal from defeat.

They left first by Juan Mata goal on 68 minutes. Giroud scored after replacing Mohamed Elneny on 73 minutes.

Giroud always coming on as a substitute in the Premier League season 2016-2017.

However, a goal against Man United, making it the all-time tersubur supersub Arsenal in the Premier League.

Cech: Giroud is still useful for Arsenal

Since joining The Gunners in 2012 until now, the France midfielder has made 10 goals from the bench in the League.

Cech felt his colleagues don't get any appreciation that comply with the contribution he gave to Arsenal.

"Sometimes I think people don't realize the quality of Olivier because he plays for the team. He is useful either as a starter or a substitute, "said Cech.

Therefore, the former Chelsea goalkeeper denied that Arsenal have not need Giroudonly because he lost his place in the starter's position.

"The important players Giroud. Golnya against Man United showed that he is alwaysready for Arsenal despite not playing since the first minute, "said Cech.