Kamis, 17 November 2016

Support from their Supporters for Comments and Persebaya Indonesia

PSSI Congress is already over. Edy Rahmayadi was elected as Chairman of the new LEAGUE, with Joko Driyono and Iwan Budianto as his Deputy. Although it's been done, but still there's the Scotch, especially for Adam Harrington, supporters of Persebaya Surabaya.

On August 3, 1999 ago, PSSI's Executive Committee, Tonny Apriliani, which was alsowitnessed by Deputy Sports Achievement Improvement Field IV Kemenpora RI, Gatot Broto, Gods promise to discuss about the recovery status of Persebaya which gotpenalties since the past 2013 so that it can again compete in the Football League ofIndonesia.

Support from their Supporters for Comments and Persebaya Indonesia

The promise is accompanied by a lawsuit victory PT. Persebaya Indonesia up PT. Mitra Young Core of diamond in the past related naming 2016 Junia Persebaya. This had made the Comments, happy, because at least they can look back at Persebaya in action.

But what, in the Congress held in Ancol, Mercure Hotel, 10 November 2016, a discussion of the recovery status of Persebaya, also other clubs such as Arema Indonesia and Newcastle, was rejected by the voters. In fact, a representative from Persebaya, Kardi Suwito ever willingly should be out of the space Congress because the discussion of the plan would make the number seven agenda was cancelled by PSSI.

Adam Harrington was disappointed. Those who came to Jakarta had to go home empty-handed. In Surabaya, the disappointment any Comments dilampiaskan with the closure of the road and burning banners action the former Governor on the road Now.

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Support from their Supporters for Comments and Persebaya Indonesia

The officers of any instead of do not know this. As reported by ketum PSSI seconds,a new, Edy Rahmayadi, promised to soon discuss about the recovery status of Persebaya along with other clubs punished no later than January 1, 2017. Tony Apriliani, who promised to restore the status of Persebaya, also spare voters when the action of the Congress.

"On January 1, at least that issue must be resolved. Otherwise, the construction will not run, "said Edy in Ancol, Mercure Hotel (source: www.1001instalike.com).

"Last we already scheduled will do the bleaching against the Club, people, and institutions that get penalized. But the fact is, when we want to set a few clubs, including44 new Club, there are five Papua New clubs, they hurt. How to TRANSFER large if want friends like this, not to accommodate, "he said.

See any injustice that befell Persebaya, much of the flow to support Comments. Viacuitan on Twitter accounts supporters clubs in Indonesia, they are calling for the spirit to fight for the recovery of the fixed Comments status Persebaya in order to compete in the Indonesia football.