Kamis, 24 November 2016

By 2016, the FSL Five Clubs Changed Coaches

Ahead of the start of the Futsal Super League (FSL) 2016, clubs participants busy first settled. May by recruiting a new coach figure.

Of the 12 clubs who are already sure to follow FSL 2016, five of whom have decided to coach the proposal later. On the most horrendous coach coming from the Club Jakarta Electric PLN, Indonesia futsal icon by recruiting Vennard Hutabarat.

Meanwhile, other clubs also secretly do turn of the coach: Bie the Great (BTG) attract former coach Jaya Kencana (JK) Revelation ' Bewe ' staff to strengthen his coach, while JK herself lifting coach Jaya Kencana Angels, Andre Picessa, to mengarsiteki team of JK's son.

By 2016, the FSL Five Clubs Changed Coaches

The most surprising transfer of the coach came from Bandung city stronghold (FKB) who split with coach Panca Fauzi and reportedly was replaced by Assistant Coach FKB, Ayi M Yusup. PANCA himself has joined the Club of other FSL, BiangbolaBogor.

The coach assured recruitment fifth will give color and interesting story on FSL 2016. However, three of which were arguably is ideal on and potentially give a surpriseachievement.

Vennard Hutabarat  Electric PLN
The arrival of Veve to PLN a bit much is going to change tradition and character which is already attached to this team. PLN since once known as a team that relies on team work, discipline and organization of the team. While the Veve, which not long ago brought scandal Perbanas won Lifuma 2015, is a more flamboyant coach figuresto appreciate the technique and skill of the individual. This can be seen from her team's play style like Futsal scandal Perbanas.

Fortunately for Veve, she gets the full trust of the management of PLN to unload and regulate the composition of players according to his desire. Accompanied by his Assistant Mario Silitonga, Veve has managed to recruit players like Tely, Geordyan and mamadukan that Pogba experience, skill and effort.

Rev. Bewe  Bie The Great
Although plotted as assistant coach to accompany the headcoach Robi Murdani, recruitment could be said as a decision Bewe genius. The reason, many of the players is also a BTG Tax Several players, the University team under coach Bewe.

By 2016, the FSL Five Clubs Changed Coaches

Under Bewe, Tax lot has Several incise achievements and become one of the most respected University team.
Linkup Bewe ascertained will be fresh for the angina retainer the BTG on last seasonlooks a little lost on the second series FSL 2015. Bewe will give leakage to coach Robi on how to play the usual effective indicated Raka, Arjuna and Rifai while defending the team's campus.

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Panca Fauzi  Biangbola Bogor
Not many know, Panca has a history with Biangbola. In Indonesia the term Futsal League 2009, Panca, as the management of the Club Bandung Futsal 35, supplying young talents such as Andaru Sukma, Gustian, Julinur and Ragil Handoyo to the teamBiangbola which later became runner-up IFL.
Management Biangbola would have known the Panca and give full trust

former coach FKB. PANCA, who once grabbed the position of champion, 3, and 4 runner up IFL along FKB, rumored to have acquired several former retainer FKB like Julinur, great Bi and Joseph AK to his new team. By relying on experienced players everat hand, Panca seems to make Biangbola be a pretty solid team.