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Real Madrid Will Decide The Fate Of Alvaro Morata Next Week

Competition Serie A Italy implemented the new regulations per season 2016-2017.Regulations that require clubs to include 4 players in their squads Academy productand 4 players with experience in Italy.

The regulations already introduced began years ago, but its nature is still the transition along the 2015-2016.

La Gazzetta dello Sport that the effects of the new regulation alerts you apply full in 2016-2017.

In detail, each club must include 4 players with three years of education at the Academy of the Club concerned. A Quartet of players that homegrown aged between 16 and 21 years.

Meanwhile, as many as 4 players again must have three years of experience defending Club Italy anywhere before they were 21 years.

Assuming the special quota that would be filled by a majority of the local players, regulatory prerequisites are intended for the sake of waging a regeneration is a slowplayer in Serie A Italy.

Real Madrid Will Decide The Fate Of Alvaro Morata Next Week

The hit of the number of complaints to question foreign players and the lack of local young products Italy has become the spotlight of a few seasons.

"Everyone says too many foreign players in Serie a. all Club President must agree to have a maximum of 5 foreign players per team. Six other players in the order of the initial eleven is the one Italy, "said the former national team coach, Marcello Lippi, told Radio Uno.

Concern refers to the existence of a generation of Chelsea Star missing in Italy national team 10 years after he brought his country to win the 2006 World Cup.

The new rules anyway got a challenge. The existence of conditions of tight electionmeans restricting the motion anyway players clubs on the stock transfer.

They should reduce the number of members in the current squad and trim personnel create a useful Club over economic reasons.

Real Madrid Will Decide The Fate Of Alvaro Morata Next Week

"Soccer Italy is not ready for this new regulation, in particular the big clubs such as Juventus made. We had to perform on three competitions at once and played more than 50 party season, "said Juve Sports Director Giuseppe Marotta.

The Juventus striker, Alvaro Morata, claimed to be the offer of several Premier League clubs. He felt could reap a lot of lessons from the United Kingdom football style.

Ahead of the summer transfer window opened, Morata santer preached will return to Real Madrid. Spain's capital city club that repatriation options pocketed when the player melego in 2014.

Madrid is not the only enthusiasts Morata. There are also a number of bids from theUnited Kingdom.

"Several offers from United Kingdom quite seductive not only because of the contract. See my characteristics, the Premier League would be a great goal, "said Morata.

"I think it will be more complete if the players got the opportunity of learning more in the United Kingdom. I want to continue to grow, "said 23 year old striker.

According to Morata, Club Premier League whose identity is not mentioned could be options more logical than Madrid.

Opinions backed by Morata by the composition of the front-line Suchitoto, the nickname of Madrid, today. There's still a Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo are often plotted as the main striker.

"My hope is able to achieve success in Madrid. However, they still have some great players. Now I want to play and play an important role, "said Morata.

Morata himself would defend Spain's national team at the euro 2016. Expected of him, his future could be determined before the first party against the Czech Republic,June 13, 2016.

Juventus fans have to wait until next week to find out the continuation of the fate ofAlvaro Morata (23). The youth of Spain was faced with two choices: stay on Juventusor return to Real Madrid.

Juventus Sporting Director Giuseppe Marotta, insists the Club's target is to maintainMorata. Only, the player's future is now fully in the hands of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Will Decide The Fate Of Alvaro Morata Next Week

Juventus bought Morata from the La Liga Giants costing 20 million or equivalent to Rp 303 billion in July 2014. The Real Madrid Academy graduate force 2010 it's contract five years meneken in Juventus.

Additional clause to include El Real in the form of rights to buy back the Morata of Juventus is worth 30 million euros that can be executed at the end of 2015-2016 and2016-2017.

The ball rolled to Madrid to enable that option now or put it off until next year.

"We have spoken with the President of Real Madrid, Juventus, but all the stuff aboutMorata has been postponed until next week," said Marotta told Sky Sport Italy.

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The initial meeting reveals the transfer clerks with Perez as clarification of several things, including considering the wishes of Morata survive in Juventus.

"The Passion he settled here is a pride for us, but the Club had to see what it wants," said Marotta again.

Since the costumed Morata Juventus, scored 27 goals in 93 matches in various event. The note means increased significantly compared to its performance during the defense of El Real.

Since the penetrating of Madrid's main team in 2010, the eleventh Morata just carve11 goals in 52 party (2010-2014).